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Get Your Box Braids Plaited by Nyarie

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Get Your Box Braids Plaited by Nyarie

Nyarie's box braids workmanship

Nyarie’s box braids workmanship

I’ve finally gotten over the fade and I have decided to regrow my hair again. I haven’t cut it since December when I got married. Now that my hair is growing, the afro has been hard to maintain and I hate having to recomb it several times a day. The solution was glaringly obvious, I had to braid my hair. I called up Nyarie Bakari and set an appointment to have my hair braided into box braidsbox.

Braiding is Nyarie’s side hustle so she doesn’t have a salon chair. Which is perfect for me because I would never sign up to get braided in a salon. House calls are 100% convenient for me. If I could do my medicals from home, I would. I think I am lowkey agoraphobic and it’s been exacerbated by the lockdown.


Front view of Nyarie's braiding

Front view of Nyarie’s braiding

Nyarie came through with braids, which meant I didn’t have to hit the store for some. Added bonus. It took just over 7 hours to braid my head and I just want to applaud Nyarie’s workmanship. The whole head looks good, not just the front or where people can see. I’ve seen people whose box braids show where the braider had energy and where they ran out of steam. Each and every one of my braids is a work of perfection.

I haven’t braided in a long time so the first night was a struggle to sleep. The box braids are long which means they are heavy and bulky. I sprayed the scalp with water which seemed to provide relief. Two days later, I am able to style my braids with no hassle whatsoever. Nyarie’s gentle which is good for the health of your hair and the sensitive hairline.

I’m really serious about growing my hair. I’ve even joined the Zim Naturalista Facebook group to learn how to look after my natural hair better. I’ve picked up a few tips but what I started with was the glycerine and water combo in a spray bottle to soften my hair. I felt the difference in 3 days! In the interest of protective styles, ‘ll definitely be seeing Nyarie more often to get my hair braided especially for winter.

If you’d like to get braided by Nyarie in Bulawayo or Harare, you can WhatsApp her on +263 777 745 733


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