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Let’s talk about one-sided crushes

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Let’s talk about one-sided crushes

Self-induced tethering caused by, (please hold back your laughter) one-sided crushes.

Your friendly neighbourhood internet Nyanga reporting back with the widely requested Soul-ties sequel. Now I know what you’re thinking, you didn’t ask for another one of these, and while that might be true, someone out there did…

So where to begin this time? The last ‘article’ covered the idea of soul ties through, (although not specified, it was implied) consensual sex. (If enough interest is shown, I’m willing explore this tangent).

This time however, I’d like to propose an abstract thought.

Self-induced tethering caused by, (please hold back your laughter) one-sided crushes. If you’re still reading at this point, your patronage is appreciated greatly. Now, allow me to elaborate. I often feel like the mind’s ability to warp reality is downplayed greatly. It should be no revelation to any of us that your mental state affects your reality, so how does this play into soul-ties?

Consider this scenario for a minute. You meet someone who later becomes your crush, despite a lack of “sufficient” communication on both sides, you’ve constructed a narrative. You become attached to this person, albeit they’re none the wiser. What comes next is the dreaded rude awaking we should all be familiar with. Before I get to that, I suppose I should explain why this is relevant.

How much time have you spent thinking about your crush?

What do you think happens to your “reality” once you develop a mental fixation on a person? And if that reality doesn’t match your mental projection, what could be the drawbacks?

So while this might not be a soul-tie in the (And I use this term loosely), “general sense” the sheer fact that your crush’s decision to seek a relationship with someone other than you can induce emotional turmoil, is testament to ‘greater things at work’.

Evidently however, it could be said to reinforce the idea that ‘our minds are more powerful than we think’ – couple that with the very human need for answers to everything, add the general populous’ lack of interest in comprehending ‘the self’ then suddenly my strange linking of “unexplainable” attachments and soul-ties is just another sub-par attempt at deconstructing the meta.

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Unnecessarily complicated and mysterious. But every modern day Nyanga needs a gimmick, am I right? If you'd like me to give my biased-unbiased opinion about anything, leave a comment on the page, or sit back, relax and enjoy the spells I cast on the mind’s perspective (aka my work, but ngiyazizwa so...) And always remember to protect yourself, your loved ones and your energy.

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