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Movie Review: Vanquish

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Movie Review: Vanquish

Watch the Vanquish trailer. The movie is currently showing at a Ster Kinekor near you, go watch it and let me know what you thought about it.

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Vanquish was trending and I was curious. I had to go and see it for myself. It was half-price Tuesday at Ster-Kinekor Zimbabwe, so I went to watch the Vanquish movie and to bring you my thoughts. Can I start with saying, “But Ruby Rose!” Her and Amber Rose make bald heads look really hot! Vanquish is a decent movie and here’s why.

If John Wick had a female counterpart it would be Vicky! Which is funny because Ruby Rose was in John Wick 2. She played no games as she collected money from 5 dangerous collection points in one night in order to save her daughter. Like John Wick, she had given up using her skills in order to focus on her family. But her daughter gets taken and she has to suit up and break the promise she made to herself to never go back to that life.

The plot

Fun fact, I predicted the ending half way into the movie but I still wanted to know how it will end. The ending made me cry. Nothing like Lion King crying but crying all the same. It was a very sweet movie with lots of guns, cars and bikes. There’s something in it for both genders. The movie felt ‘wrapped up’ with no obvious clues alluding to a sequel.

The actors

Morgan Freeman never fails the assignment. He came across as God-like in this one as well. He plays a paralysed ex- dirty cop who sends Vicky to do the 5 pick ups. He watches her trips via body can and a camera on the helmet. He speaks to her through an earpiece. He is a puppet master if you prefer that term.

Ruby Rose under-delivered on the role. Some of her lines felt flat but she was mesmerising to watch. She reminded me of Asia Kate Dillon ‘The Adjudicator’ in John Wick. By the way she carried herself, you could tell that she can do bad things.

The action

I had no complaints here. I’m not much of an action kinda girl because I dislike gun shot sounds but in this movie they were worth it. They did the blood and gore thing in an elegant way that isn’t off-putting. All the 5 stops she had to do presented a new challenge and it never got repetitive or boring.

The ending

If you’re smart, you’ll work out the ending by yourself. The opening scene is a huge hint so pay attention. Because I was expecting it, it didn’t hit as hard as it was supposed to. I still cried but not like a baby. I cried a little like the bitter ex-wife at her ex-husband’s funeral. The ending was logical and plausible. There were no loose ends and no unresolved issues. I was satisfied with the ending.

What I didn’t like

– The special effects were patchy in some parts of the movie.
– Ruby Rose failing to hit some powerful lines with oomph.
– Characters were under developed, almost flat.
– The memories/flashbacks just felt weird and out of place plus there were too many of them.
– The budget might have been depleted to pay Morgan Freeman. It made everything else lackluster.

Watch the Vanquish trailer below. The movie is currently showing at a Ster Kinekor near you, go watch it and let me know what you thought about it.

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