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Nathan Tsunami the Zimbabwean TikToker

Nathan Tsunami

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Nathan Tsunami the Zimbabwean TikToker

Nathan Tsunami the Zimbabwean TikToker

I have to reach at least 30k views to consider my video successful.

Nathan Tsunami

Nathan Tsunami

We’ve chuckled at his TikTok videos and now we know a little more about our favourite Zimbabwean TikToker with over 85 000 followers. Nathaniel Mamwadhi notoriously known as Nathan Tsunami is 19 years old and a first year varsity student. He was born and raised in Masvingo and he’s an aspiring actor.

How did you discover your passion for creating skits?

It was probably back in 2022. Watching creators like zayaan4, Nathan Molefe, Astra and other popular content creators on TikTok really heightened my passion for creating skits.

What drew you to TikTok as the platform to showcase your work?

Its the fact that it’s a fun app to use and anyone can go viral because of the sophisticated TikTok algorithm.

What kind of skits do you enjoy creating the most, and how do you find inspiration for your content?

I enjoy making content that ridicules the scary things that happen in the African society like witchcraft. I thought it would be funny to see a black magic practitioner do a “GRWM” or a vlog and just like show my point of view on how they use their tools. I find inspiration in the things that happen in society and also the trending things that people take part in on social media.



♬ A Day in My Life – Soft boy

Walk us through your creative process. How do you develop skit ideas, write scripts, and bring them to life?

I think of an idea and then I write it down step by step character by character and then I act them out on camera.

Do you often collaborate with other creators, and if so, how do these collaborations enhance your content?

I don’t usually collaborate with other creators because I don’t feel comfortable creating content with other people yet. I’m kinda introverted to some extent because I don’t warm up to people quickly.

What are your future aspirations as a content creator?

I would like for TikTok to pay African TikTok creators. To monetise it for African creators so that we’ll be more motivated to use the app because right now as Zimbabwean creators we are working for free.

Do you see yourself expanding beyond TikTok or incorporating different types of content?

I actually have a thriving Instagram account @_.n.athan and I also do dance videos and vlogs from time to time.



♬ Monkeyshine-JP – Lt FitzGibbons Men

How do you handle the responsibility of having a large audience, especially when it comes to the messages you portray in your skits?

I keep in mind that I have primary school kids watching me on the Internet so my content has to have some sort of educational context to it and I make sure that it isn’t explicit because I wanna set a good example to my younger audience that look up to me.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start creating skits on TikTok or other platforms?

The advice I would give to someone who wants to create content is that keep pushing, do your research on how to create content, have a niche, find a good camera and stay consistent in posting. YouTube is probably the best place to conduct research on how gain followers and how to create content.



♬ original sound – Viwe.Sobantu

What is your favourite skit you’ve ever created, and why?

My favourite skit I’ve made is the one about Tyla where I was sort of picturing what kind of relationship I would have with her in three years. She’s my celebrity crush and it’s my most viral video with over 1.2 million views on Instagram.

How do you measure the success of your content?

I just have to reach at least 30k views to consider my video successful.

How do you maintain a healthy school/ work-life balance while creating content?

I make sure that when its school time, im solely focused on studying and the think about content once my assignments are in order and im done studying.

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