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New Music: Asaph ft Msiz’ Kay – Asipheli Moya

New Music

New Music: Asaph ft Msiz’ Kay – Asipheli Moya

The Tuku of the Rap Game has done it again!

Thank Asaph has made a name for himself in the #ZimHipHop circles for his lyrical prowess. What we love the most about him is how he keeps it real and we stan a woke king!

In his latest offering, Mambo raps about the key issues plaguing Zimbabwean people and the youth in particular. He highlights all our pain points and drives the point across with rhymes, punch lines and clever word play.

Some of the key issues we picked up in the song:

  • The irrelevance of a local currency
  • The tribalism in Zimbabwe 
  • #JusticeForPaul
  • The youth being driven to try multiple hustles
  • The hopelessness and the perseverance of the youth
  • Drug abuse and mental health issues
  • The kwerekwere/xenophobia issues 
  • The Luveve contaminated water tragedy 
  • The inability to make money from passion projects
  • The prophets who thrive in Zimbabwe
  • Black at Private schools
  • The poor service delivery (potholes in the paperchase)
  • The new normal due to the global pandemic
  • Zimbabweans unable to adhere to the lockdown due to hunger
  • The global issues which feel like the last days straight out of Revelations 

The lyrical video is a strategic move. Not only can you read the lyrics yourself but they also provide translations so that it can be understood by non-Ndebele speakers as well. Msiz’kay is an extraordinary vocalist and it makes his lyrics unforgettable. Be warned, you’ll be singing this song all day. 

If you enjoyed this collabo between Asaph and Msiz’ Kay you’ll be pleased to know that they have another song together called ‘Made in Africa.’

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