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New Music: Noluntu J – Ndlunkulu

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New Music: Noluntu J – Ndlunkulu

Noluntu J released visuals for her song Ndlunkulu and I’m glad to say, it’s worth the watch. The music video was produced by Rasquesity of Keaitse Films.

Noluntu J

Noluntu J

Noluntu J released visuals for her song ‘Ndlunkulu’ and I’m glad to say, it’s worth the watch. The music video was rendered by Rasquesity of Keaitse Films. Noluntu J drops bars after bars and takes the traditional/afro-fusion theme to a whole new level. Her lyrical content in vernacular, both Ndebele and Shona, will stir up pride in you as a Zimbabwean. She switches seamlessly between languages with ease and a smoothness without disrupting her flow. I dare you to listen to this song only once.

In the video, we see Noluntu J rapping amidst a group of gents who are artists as well. It gives you the street battle vibe. It also alludes to how she has infiltrated a masculine-heavy genre and can go toe-to-toe with any gent, any day. From the lyrics of Ndlunkulu, Noluntu J is definitely the one to beat. She then switches to the water and scorches up the song while neck-deep and probably freezing. This scene reminder me of that Nandi scene when Tshaka’s father is trying to woo her by the river. A gent in full traditional garb shows up and helps her out of the water. Oh, did I mention that her body is gorgeous?

Noluntu J’s voice, raps and the marimba fuse together meticulously to make an amazing girl power anthem. Philly Beats did something here and I am impressed. I’d listen to this to get hyped as I get ready for the day. Who needs affirmations? Every single Bulawayo girl and woman needs to hear this song. This is what we mean when we ask for women empowerment. Noluntu J is the mambokadzi, if you’ve been sleeping on her, vuka ma ulele!

“Impephezi ngath’ungay’cish’ingathunqa,
Isilwan’ esilel’ungas’mela singavuka,
Inyok’emlindini ungayimel’ingaphuma,
Amathwasa akoNtuthu ungawamel’engathutsha?”

I’m excited to see what Noluntu J does next and you can watch Ndlunkulu below.

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Born Nonhlanhla Mpala. I am an introvert & piscean, hell of a combination. Music is my first love and my source of therapy hence I found it fitting to give you my opinion on new music and maybe just maybe, convince you that you need music. Lover of chicken and the finer things in life. Oh and I almost forgot, I am a Feminist.

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