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One Denim Jacket for 4 Seasons

The Denim Jacket

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One Denim Jacket for 4 Seasons

Denim jackets transcend seasons, they can be worn almost every day of the year.

We all, however, have that one piece of clothing we wear throughout the year for example sneakers, a hat or even pants. Today’s article deals with that denim jacket we all own. Denim jackets transcend seasons, they can be worn almost every day of the year. Now since we are in between the hot and the cold weather, with the ever changing patterns, one may wonder how to wear their denim jackets.

As the seasons are changing, weather patterns are changing too, we must change the types of clothes we wear as well. The winter has been cold, the spring chilly and the summer very hot. The rainy season however holds both the hot and cold weather patterns so really one would not be wearing the same clothes throughout the year.

Well, for the chilly cold days, you can pair up your jacket casually with a hoodie, your denim skinny pants, and sneakers. You can use either sneakers or boots, either work perfectly. Then finish off the look with either a backpack or a handbag. This look is quite striking if your hair is tied back in a bun.

In chilly days, that are not very cold but rather just chilly in the morning and hot in the afternoons, you can just wear your pants, a plain t-shirt and sneakers. That way during the day you can remove the jacket when it gets too hot, and you can put in on again when it gets too chilly.

Denim jackets tend to go incredibly well with skirts. You can couple the simple t-shirt and a skirt, then throw on your jacket. Accessories can be a hat, a pair of glasses and earrings. Just as you can see, a bright colour skirt would do the most, as its adds that wow factor. These looks work mostly if you wear sneakers.

However for the girly-girls denim jackets can be worn with summer dresses, just throw on your heels or sandals then accessorise it with a cute handbag and sunglasses.

Bum shorts are a good look too. A trick to rock denim jackets with bum sorts is to make sure you pair the shorts with a baggy jacket, it gives you that edgy yet trendy look.  Finish off with combat boots or even sneakers and an edgy handbag.

Denim jackets can be worn on their own as well. Yes they can! Just button it up, drop it on the shoulders and grab a belt. Then style it with your heels, but don’t feel confined to heels only, sneakers work too.

So go on and try the looks as well, be trendy whilst being sustainable!

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