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The Dawn Of A Fashion King: Sozinio

The Dawn Of A Fashion King: Sozinio

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The Dawn Of A Fashion King: Sozinio

If ever there was a brand that embodies the words couture, high fashion, style and glamour in Bulawayo, it would have to be the award winning Sozinio

The Dawn Of A Fashion King: Sozinio

Model: Liam Jr Hall

If ever there was a brand that embodies the words couture, high fashion, style and glamour in Bulawayo, it would have to be the award winning Sozinio. Some even call him our very own David Tlale. Born and bred in Bulawayo, Sozinio is a brand birthed in the love and appreciation of high end fashion, by the suave and incredibly talented Freddy Sozinio Jackson.

Some would even ask, “Why ‘Sozinio’, “Why that name? Why that specific signature to his brand?” Well, it is his very own surname. There is no doubt that Sozinio has been trailblazing for the past two years, to many, two years seems like a gross understatement, but it’s true. The brand will be turning 2, in July 2021. The brand has dressed quite a number of people from lucrative people such as ministers’ wives to celebrities such as Samantha Tshuma, Phathisani, top models – to ordinary people, the brand doesn’t discriminate.

The couture making brand does not discriminate in terms of who the customers are, “We make clothes for anyone and everyone who can afford us, we do not discriminate, we do not have specific people we make clothes for”, exclaims Freddy. These clothes are characterised by hand making, meaning that the larger part of the process is made by hand, we’re talking the beading, the embroidery, embellishments and so on. This is probably what sets the brand apart, as this rigorous yet long process makes sure the end product is incredible.

The powerhouse then went on to comment on how the Bulawayo scene has appreciated and supported the brand, he goes on to explain how when other people have continuously complained about the lack of clients, he has been able to get clients on a regular basis. He attributes this on being able to deliver what the people want, as every city or town has people who love fashion and are willing to spend on it, the trick really is to identify what they like, then deliver. He even goes on to advise fellow designers to shift their mind sets, to grab inspiration from the right people and to let go of the mentality of looking down upon themselves but rather be their own number one fan. “There is no masterpiece that is not signed by its owner”, he insists, improvement on the products, execution and general education of the fashion industry and its implications, is what he swears by.

The powerhouse himself studied fashion and design, firstly going to study at the Bulawayo polytechnic then specialising and furthering his studies in Dubai.
When we asked him what his favourite piece is he told us it was the Mozini and the Space hunter dress, not only does he resonate with them, but these are true masterpieces that have left a mark not only in the minds of people but the Zimbabwean fashion industry as a whole.

‘I don’t really have anyone I crave to dress, I want to dress someone who wants to be dressed by me, because such a person appreciates the work’ he says, “I’m really always excited to dress up a person who truly loves my brand”.
And when we wanted to pick his brain on the specific materials he likes, Sozinio swore by satin, silk, taffeta, organdie, in general all those beautiful couture materials.
The big question sometimes is, ‘’How do I know it’s a Sozinio original garment?” Well all Sozinio garments are branded with the Sozinio seal. For you to access a Sozinio garment, you’d have to purchase it directly from the shop.

One might think that the brand is a one man show, or just the efforts on one person Freddy, but no, the brand is what it is because of a strong team that works on it tirelessly. The team is made up of Rodna Rumbidzai Muronzwa the manager, Onai the accessory designer and the in house photographer Arika Mani.
And just to fashionably close it off, like Freddy Sozinio Jackson says “The making of couture begins with an obsession of quality”

Keep up with Sozinio:
Alternatively you can visit their shop at 10 Mainly court between 12th and 13th Avenue, Samuel Parirenyatwa street.

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