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The Spring Fiesta Springs to Life

Spring Fiesta

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The Spring Fiesta Springs to Life

Bulawayo is the country’s holder of the title Arts and Cultural Capital of Zimbabwe, and this cannot be said enough. Over the years we have seen an emergence of cultural activities that happen regularly from musical events, eat and chill sessions, and festivals as big as the Intwasa Arts Festival. However, for years, there has been an outcry from promoters and organisers who prefer headlining artists from South Africa and Harare for live shows and concerts within the city. Bulawayo artists had to scramble for support and recognition

The pandemic caused an inevitable shutdown to all the festivities and celebratory activities and that crippled many, if not all local artists in Bulawayo and the rest of the country. Without the ability to perform at events, it meant that most of their income was affected. Now that the world is recovering from the pandemic, a huge gap has been created within the arts and entertainment sector and there is a need to restore order to this Cultural Hub. One youthful artist saw an opportunity not only for himself but also for fellow artists to take advantage of the situation. Hence the Spring Fiesta was born.

The Spring Fiesta is a concert organized by MJ Sings partnering with Dab Three Events, a local events management company that has been in the business for several years now. The show is aimed at bringing food, dance, and colour as the city welcomes the spring season. “It will be a food and music festival that shifts that narrative suggesting that Bulawayo tend to wait for opportunities to be brought to them by promoters and events organisers”, MJ Sings said when he introduced the concept to the public.

What was different and unique about this show is that fans were given an opportunity to choose who they wanted to see performing alongside MJ Sings. The organisers initiated a Hashtag Unlock Me Challenge (#UnlockMe Challenge), where fans were urged to choose their favourite artists to headline alongside Bulawayo’s very own Prince of Soul. Artists that were unlocked included DJ Skaiva, Kyla Blac, Noluntu J, and Khwezi.

The Spring Fiesta is a partnership that is artist-driven held on the 15th of October 2022 at the National Gallery in Bulawayo. Is this going to be an annual event where we get to experience the Spring Fiesta? MJ Sings says this is going to be an annual event. So people, start updating your calenders because next year, the Spring Fiesta is coming again.

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