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Your Hairline Is Voetseking Because You’re Missing Something About Lace Wigs

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Your Hairline Is Voetseking Because You’re Missing Something About Lace Wigs

This article could teach you a thing or two about things you need to do or avoid doing when wearing your wigs, especially lace wigs.

Wearing a wig has become the ‘in thing’ nowadays. Yeah hey and I guess it’s because it’s the best way to switch up your look without much stress or making a permanent change. Before wigs once you would have plaited, you had to be stuck with one style for like two weeks or even a month and we all know having one and the same hairstyle can be boring especially if you have different occasions to turn up to. So ke 2020…out with the hair pulling and hours of sitting having your hair done and in with the wigs. Ok not really out out but well most people prefer wigs now so plaiting is kinda out-ish.

Hairline is voetseking😂😂 like really now? 😂🙊

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But here’s one thing that we forget to consider when we think wigs: Our hairline and edges!! Wigs are nice and all but if you are not careful they may damage your hairline. Wigs can also be worn as protective hairstyles BUT if not worn and removed properly, you might find your hairline voetseking (going away). So I thought this article could teach you a thing or two about things you need to do or avoid doing when wearing your wigs, especially lace wigs.

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1. Wear an incorrect wig size.

DO NOT wear a wig that’s too small for your head because if it becomes too tight it will cause hair loss around the perimeter your head. You don’t want to be one of those ladies who force out some baby hair because they want to hide that their hairline is voetseking.

2. Neglect your hairline.

Just because you are slaying in a nice wig, it doesn’t mean you will not need to remove it one day so make sure to take care of your hairline. Moisturise it and apply hairline lotion regularly.

3. Miss wash day.

DO NOT skip wash day. I know it may be tempting to skip washing but trust me you need to shampoo and condition your hair to get rid of bacteria and keep the hair healthy.

4. DO NOT keep your wig on for too long.

The wig might still be on flick but also consider your hairline, you need it to be on flick on days when the wig is on leave. Remove the wig and give your scalp a break.

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1) Buy a high quality wig cap.

I know you may love it cheap but sometimes cheap is expensive. Silk material caps are recommended for wigs to avoid friction between your hairline and the wig. Some cheap caps may be itchy and irritate your skin so try to avoid them by all means.

2. Choose high quality glue

If you are going for lace front wigs please choose good glue too. You don’t want to use glue that will break your hair when you are removing the wig

3. Invest in wigs that breath

You have to choose wigs that will allow your scalp to breathe.

4. Practice safe removal methods

Be sure to remove your wig when you are not in a rush and apply a designated adhesive for your lace fronts. Apply enough of it to soften the glue and remove gently.

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I’m not against all these glue lace front wigs but I would generally advise you to wear glue-less wigs or rather own a few wigs that need glue and wear them interchangeably so that you don’t strain your hair.

After all, has been said and done, remember to give your hair as much attention as possible because as glamorous as they are, wigs are just but accessories and like I always say your hair is your crown, care for it.

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