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You’re Invited To The #ByoMusicStreamingParty

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You’re Invited To The #ByoMusicStreamingParty

We don’t own any of the videos on the playlist. All the streams, views, subscriptions and engagement will benefit the artists directly on their respective YouTube channels

Khura Agency in conjunction with iNgudukazi Magazine are throwing a #ByoMusicStreamingParty. This will be a curated playlist on YouTube of music strictly by artists out of Bulawayo which we will be available for streaming on the 1st of September.

There are many Zimbabwean Music Playlists on platforms such as Deezer and Spotify but this one will be the very first of its kind in the City of Kings,” said Thembi Terry of Khura Agency.

Playlists are an innovative and functional form of entertainment on YouTube. This is due to their ability to provide that ‘chilled vibes’ convenience of continuous play and cross-promotion of your favorite Bulawayo artists. Khura Agency has essentially created a “visual mixtape.”

We don’t own any of the videos on the playlist. All the streams, views, subscriptions and engagement will benefit the artists directly on their respective YouTube channels,” explained Thembi Terry.

Bulawayo artists have bemoaned the lack of support and the low numbers that they have on their creative works online. To thwart this, the #ByoMusicStreamingParty will have videos from Bulawayo in one playlist readily available to anyone on the globe.

We’ve seen people on social media asking for recommendations of music from Bulawayo artists. We wondered how many other people share the same sentiments. So we took it upon ourselves to become that plug,” explained Thembi Terry.

Why this streaming party?

1. To expose more people to Bulawayo music
2. To get Bulawayo artists new views and new subscribers
3. To teach the algorithm to associate Bulawayo music and recommend it as such

Over the month of August, the public will be invited to suggest which songs should be added to the playlist through social media. This will ensure that there is diversity in the music so that there is something for everyone.

Bulawayo artists such as Indigo Saint, Vusa Mkhaya, Msiz’Kay, Noluntu J, Novuyo Seagirl, Mimmie Tarukwana, M.U.S.E, Bhekiwe, Vuyo Brown, Nkwali, Ziee Xayn and Thandy Dhlana have rallied behind the #ByoMusicStreamingParty. Other Bulawayo creatives such as Tarryn Talana, Patience Phiri and Brighton ‘Beefactor’ have also thrown in their support to ensure that the #ByoMusicStreamingParty is a success.

The playlist is available forever, so anyone in the world, whenever, can enjoy these Bulawayo songs. The playlist can be left to play in the background during work or chores.

The #ByoMusicStreamingParty mega playlist will be the first of many playlists curated by Khura Agency. This first playlist will strategically position us to implement our Khurated idea,” stated Rozalliny Munemo, Creative Director at Khura Agency.

As digital natives, the team at Khura have pioneered the Khurated service offering of reviewing the best art, music, videos, trends, fashion and entertainment content that’s emerging from Bulawayo and Zimbabwe as a whole.


The partners for the #ByoMusicStreamingParty include iNgudukazi Magazine, MGIZ Publishing, Media and Arts Zimbabwe, Early Entertainment, #Cottage47, Loziba Movement and Culxure Mag.

iNgudukazi Magazine is a publication for the African woman. We know she is a jewel and a fountain of wisdom and we would like to celebrate her reverence. For the culture of woman.

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