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Tupperware: A Must Have for Every Makoti

Tupperware: A Must Have for Every Makoti

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Tupperware: A Must Have for Every Makoti

If, like me, you thought Tupperware was just lunch boxes and water bottles, this post is for you.

I recently got married and had to do the whole kotizaring/pereka thing. I was never ready. I am blessed to have in-laws who didn’t use this opportunity to spring clean their whole lives at my expense. My pereka experience was not a horror story. My sister-in-law told me a story about how when she was part of a pereka squad, they had to wash blankets and scrub walls. She was like sometime during the chores they sent someone out to buy a nail cutter because the work was not aligning with manicures.

My biggest thing about being a makoti has been the cooking. The kitchen is not a comfortable place for me. I am skilled at all the arts except the culinary. Lizzie’s Tupperware gifted me some Tupperware and it has made my time in the kitchen more comfortable. If, like me, you thought Tupperware was just lunch boxes and water bottles, this post is for you.

Here are some of the Tupperware products which have simplified my life.

Herb Chopper

This is a beauty. It has 3 sharp blades which can chop most fruits and vegetables in your kitchen. I use it mainly for chopping onions and tomatoes. When I chop onions, I no longer cry. I don’t have time to. By the time the tear ducts gear up, I would have already finished chopping my onions. For tomatoes, I know my Dad never liked to see the tomato. If you chop it by knife, it’ll probably be chunky and will show in your final meal. With the herb chopper, it becomes almost like a paste, like tomato puree and you don’t have to worry about it floating in your stew. If you like ginger and garlic, you can chop them up too and store them in your fridge, ready for use whenever.

Speedy Mando

I dislike chopping mbida/chomolia with a passion. To be fair, I dislike most kitchen chores. I have never been able to uniformly chop green veggies. My Mom likes to tease me and say how one day she will choke on my chunky mbida. The Speedy Mando helps you chop mbida finely and in less time. I haven’t tried it for cabbage but that would be a bomb coleslaw. All you do is, wash your mbida, cut the stems, load it up on the Speedy Mando and then you back and forth or up and down it until the mbida is too short to hold. From there, you will use the red thing which will finish the mbida without you risking the atrocity of cutting your fingers.

Microwave covers

These are so cool because they come in pairs. Anyways, so my husband works Australian hours which means he works from 1am to 9am C.A.T. I don’t like to get up at that time so I just cook supper for 3 and put his 1am plate in the fridge. He will then pop it into the microwave when he wakes up. The microwave covers make sure that the food doesn’t snap, crackle and pop all over the microwave. My biggest fear is waking up one day with a nasty microwave with stains or worse, roaches! If you have grime in your microwave, take this time during lockdown to sort that out because it’s unsanitary.

Fridge Mates

When all your stuff is brand new, you just want to keep it brand new. With my fridge, I use the Fridge Mates to sort and organize my food. I used to just put the onion straight into the fridge and Mama W was like nope, onions make your fridge and everything in it smell like onion. So now I have a Fridge Mate for just onions. I dislike cleaning the fridge and I have found that using Fridge Mates reduces the dirt-rate of the fridge. It’s literally much simpler to clean Fridge Mates than it is to clean the whole fridge. If your fridge already smells funny use Vinegar to get rid of the odour. Once in a while place fresh lemons to retain a fresh fridge.

If you love the women in your life, gift them with some Tupperware especially the items I have mentioned. It’s a quality purchase which will last for years. Make sure you know what their kitchen colours are so that you order colours that match. Tupperware colours are legit vibrant and fun. They light up your whole kitchen. I never thought in my whole life that I would be excited about kitchen utensils and yet here I am.

If you’re interested in any of the above, you can WhatsApp Lizzie on +263 785 366 172

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3. Who told me not to put onions directly in the fridge?

4. What do I use to chop tomatoes?

5. What do I use to chop chomolia?

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