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How to Trick Yourself into Enjoying Spring Cleaning

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How to Trick Yourself into Enjoying Spring Cleaning

I don’t know about you, but when I hear spring cleaning, I get exhausted.

The hustle and bustle of the new year has slowed down, and we have now safely landed in the month of March. Resolutions have been decided and goals made. Instead of casting vision, the time has come for maintaining that vision. Part of the work of realizing our goals for the year is letting go of what no longer serves us and stewarding what we have well. Enter: spring cleaning.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear spring cleaning, I get exhausted. Just the idea of dusting every nook and cranny makes me not even want to wash a single dish. I am overwhelmed by the thought of sorting through all my stuff.

That being said, I have become an expert at tricking myself into doing the cleaning that so desperately needs to be done.


Trick #1 is all about mindset. I deserve to live in a clean space with items I enjoy.

Reminding myself of this fact turns de cluttering and cleaning into a gift for my future self, rather than a chore. This mindset also forces me to acknowledge the active role I get to play in my overall happiness.

Trick #2: Clean as you go 

As much as I’d love to be the upstanding Zimbabwean woman who cleans her house every day, top to bottom, I have to admit that I am not. Instead, I do a light organization of my space each day. I make my bed, fold any laundry, wash dishes, etc. Then, when the time comes to do the more time intensive tasks, I employ the next trick.

Trick #3: Clean in sections

Some days, I only have 20-30 minutes to dedicate to cleaning my space. So instead of giving up on the task entirely, I pick a task to focus on. Maybe I’ll only deep clean the kitchen. Or I’ll choose to dust the entire house. Or I’ll focus on the floors. Or I’ll sort through my clothes. Then, at a later time, I pick another task to focus on.

Trick #4: Set timers

This trick ties well into the previous 3. By setting a timer, you force yourself to stay focused and to move efficiently. I find that knowing I only have to clean for a certain period of time also makes the task more manageable. (10 minutes? I can do 10 minutes!)

Trick #5: Play music

Listening to music we enjoy can improve our mood and reduce stress. By playing something with an upbeat tempo your body will naturally synchronize with it. Not only will you move rhythmically it’ll help you move faster and enjoy the task at hand.


Now, these are the tricks that help me attack daily cleaning, as well as those spring cleaning sessions that make my space feel fresh and new. Adjust them as you see fit. Whatever your tricks, the goal should be the same: creating an environment where you have the best chance of thriving and moving closer to who you are aiming to be.


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Hi, I'm Carmel Kundai! I'm 20-something who loves telling stories. My love for sharing stories extends across mediums. I write for online and print publications, educational videos, and informational eBooks.

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