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Wanna get something published on iNgudukazi Magazine?

You’re more than welcome to share your articles with us. If it’s on your heart, it’s a story worth telling. We do have some housekeeping guidelines though.

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What’s iNgudukazi about?

We’re all about telling the African woman’s story.

Your story is unique and we want to showcase the beauty of our diversity. There’s something to learn from the next woman. We want to hear all about your thriving, life lessons and beauty hacks. We want you to be brave and speak your truth unashamedly. We want you to be proud of being an African woman. We are because you are.

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Who is a Ngudu?

iNgudu is an ambitious woman who is curious about the world she lives in. She has her finger on the pulse and is constantly looking for new ways to better herself. She has zeal and drive welling up inside of her and she wants to make her mark in the world. She has a hunger to learn about everything from beauty, fashion, career moves and the plight of living in this modern day.

She aspires to live life lavishly.

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The world isn’t all doom and gloom and we want to celebrate that. Our stories are real issues with a hint of pop culture. We tell these stories so that you can learn from them. There was a message in the mess and we want to bring it to you. Sometimes you just need to know that you can survive anything because others did too.

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This is a safe space for all your stories. Tell us all about it.

We want things we can relate to. What happened and why is it important? What did it teach you? Help us get a fresh perspective on an issue. Give us new insight. We live for those “ah-ha!” moments.

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We love to know what’s happening in your city. Which women are flourishing and thriving. We want to put small businesses on and we want to plug the local artists to showcase their talent. Tell us how you reached a turning point in your life, how did you survive a bad situation and what are your key life lessons. Who is your favourite tailor? What are some of the hidden tourist attractions? We want to know if you tried something new, what was the experience like? Share your views, let’s have those conversations.

Did something great and want the world to know about it?

Are you the first to ever do the something? Did you just win an award? Has your new single just gone viral? Self-report and tell us your good. Send us an article about what happened and we will get in touch for an interview.

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