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You’re Invited to the #ZimWineTour


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You’re Invited to the #ZimWineTour

The #ZimWineTour will be an event for people interested in all things wine and beer.



The intention.

The main objective of the Zimbabwe Wine Tour is to create interactive relationships between brands and end consumers in Zimbabwe. The tour seeks to facilitate exposure of the diverse African stories and authentic legacies that our stable winery, JK Investment Group holds. Zimbabwe is the country of choice in the SADC region to jump start our vision not because of any sentimental reasons- being Zimbabwean myself but owing to the observation that the country has an interesting consumer landscape which resonates with our overarching strategies and aims.

The brands on offer incorporate a range of products, from proudly local to award winning. We seek to ensure consumers are part of and identify with the authentic legacies and rich cultures these brands are borne out of. Some of our brands are intentionally acclaimed but are still to gain foothold and accessibility in the African market. The Group further seeks to do away with existing narrative and discourses by enabling access of Black-owned brands celebrating authentic legacies to be a part of the wide Pan African wine and beer landscape. Through our tour in a nutshell, we are embodying experiential marketing and facilitating the market.

The target market

The #ZimWineTour event is one for all and for one. It will be an event interested in all things wine and beer. The #ZimWineTour will be an opportunity for consumers to listen and engage as winemakers and beer brewers share their brand journey and stories. Tickets would be pegged at different prices offering different packages, ranging from $5 for general to $35 to full access.

The brands.

We have quite an extensive range of wines, beer, and gin in our stable winery. All our brands are by Black Winemakers, Black brewers, or Black brand owners, some of which are Zimbabwean born. For the tour, some of the brands the attendees could look forward to are the likes of Ukhamba beer, Matawi Gin, The House of Mandela, Sesfikile and Aslina. These brands range from the exquisite lines of red wine, white wine, honey gin, and craft beer. The event promises to be a great experience to many as they get to encounter a whole en-suite experience intimately with the owners of the respective brands on offer at the wine picnic day.


Our stable, JK INVESTMENT GROUP, seeks to offer a range of options and access to brands that people can enjoy and interact with and get to understand their origins and how they came about. This tour is essentially a way for our end consumers, wholesalers, and retailers to get a feel and get acquainted to brands which they might want to be affiliated with at their establishments. We also aim and envision creating value and employment within the value chain we are establishing.

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