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A Victor’s Walk: Men’s Mental Health Workshop

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A Victor’s Walk: Men’s Mental Health Workshop

The Africa Institute for ending depression, violence, Bullying and Suicide (AFRIBS) will be leading a campaign on men’s mental health awareness for men aged 18-35 called the Blue Sock Movement.

A range of events will be held from the 4th to the 8th of April 2022 under the online hashtag #ForOurMen and #BlueSock. The event is open to all men starting time 1700hrs-1800hrs.

The campaign seeks to bring awareness on men’s mental health issues and the triggers that lead them to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety. The program aims to encourage and support the young men by providing a platform with professional speakers in the areas of financial  literacy, relationships, addictions, physical health and the spiritual. Afribs Director Zenani Masuku says, “Men’s mental health is important just like women’s mental health but we are faced with a societal challenge where men do not have enough support systems or spaces that encourage them to be mindful of their mental health. Globally we are witnessing a high rise in male suicides. We can not be okay with watching people take their lives when something can be done about it”.

Mental health according to the World Health organisation it is the ability to deal with the day to day pressures of life and being able productive, having the ability to interact with everyone around us in a healthy manner. The top most triggers for depression, anxiety and suicide in men is financial struggles men are taught to be providers and protects and if this aspect of who they are is affected their mental health is equally affected, relationships, addictions and drugs are topics that will be covered. The program aims to have a holistic approach in supporting men. According to global statistics 75% of male suicide attempts are not linked to current mental health symptoms like depression. Male suicide attempts are more commonly linked to relationship issues, work or money, alcohol and drugs we hope to tackle all these issues through providing professionals in these areas to help assist and share informative strategies to cope through challenges that emanate from these topics.

Afribs has partnered with DATADVICE , Bulawayo residents association BUPRA Bulawayos Vendors Association BVTA, Generation empowerment Trust, DotYouth as to reach out to more youths Print Solutions, and Harare-based lifestyle and information platform to raise awareness about the event.

Registration for the event is open to men in Bulawayo aged 18-35.

Africa Institute for ending depression, violence, Bullying and Suicide (AFRIBS).
Africa Institute for ending depression, violence, Bullying and Suicide (AFRIBS) is a registered Private Voluntary Organization (PVO 13/20). The organization aims at helping children, youths and women facing mental health challenges. It advocate for their rights that are denied to them and we support them through awareness programs and trainings for their development.

iNgudukazi Magazine is a publication for the African woman. We know she is a jewel and a fountain of wisdom and we would like to celebrate her reverence. For the culture of woman.

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