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Things to tell yourself on Valentine’s Day

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Things to tell yourself on Valentine’s Day

Beyoncé has the same 24 hours as you. How will you be investing those 24 hours on Wednesday the 14th of February?

Things to tell yourself on Valentine’s Day

It’s not easy being the Grinch of Valentine’s. As a staunch hater, you have to crank your own propaganda machine to churn out your Anti-Valentine messaging. When everyone else is wearing their red, best dress, you can be dressed in all black, funeral style, to show your protest of Valentine’s Day.

Here are a couple of things you can tell yourself throughout the day so that you can sleep better at night. (Read them in your own voice).

“Most of it is fake”

We are a sad generation with good looking pictures. Behind all these big gifts and grand gestures lie empty promises and cold beds. The couples who go all out to convince us that they truly love each other are actually trying to convince themselves that they love each other. Genuine couples are low key. They are too busy truly loving each other to be trying to coerce us into buying into their love story.

“Flowers die”

Unless they are plastic, by the time you receive the flowers, they are already terminal. You can try to place them in flower hospice care to make them comfortable but their days are numbered. There isn’t a flower hack that can keep them fresh and good looking. By next week, they’ll be compost. “Actually, personally, I don’t even like flowers. I don’t understand girls who do.


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“Valentine’s isn’t biblical”

Where do you find Valentine’s Day in the Bible? Jesus never instructed us to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a pagan tradition which we must have nothing to do with. Good luck explaining at the Pearly Gates why you were doing all these despicable things. Wearing red, killing innocent flowers and celebrating your sneaky links. Every Valentine’s Day, you stray further away from God.

“It’s Ash Wednesday!”

Would you look at that? It actually is. So on the 14th, you literally have to pick what the day means to you. Obviously, you lukewarmers will find a way to do both. Walk around wearing your stunning read outfits with ash on your forehead. Since it marks the beginning of the Lenten period, will you be partaking in the debauchery of Valentine’s Day? It’s a question for those who aren’t within the confines of holy matrimony.

“It’s just another day”

Beyoncé has the same 24 hours as you. How will you be investing those 24 hours on Wednesday the 14th of February? It goes without saying that this one day could be the day that completely changes your life. This could be the day the penny drops and you’ll suddenly get your life together.   Gifts will break, flowers will wilt and be thrown away but time wasted can never be recovered. Time is money! How will you be spending it this Valentine’s?

“I don’t celebrate Valentine’s. It’s juvenile”

When I became an adult, I put away childish things. This included buying into a highly commercialised day to prove my love. Everyday is Valentine’s Day in my house. I buy flowers and gifts all year round. I won’t let society dictate to me when and how to display my affection to my significant other. This has nothing to do with the fact that I’m bitter and resentful of the day because I have never been celebrated on Valentine’s Day. That is completely beside the fact. I’m a hater of Valentine’s because I am mature and I have made it in life. I am woke and I have reached self-actualisation.

At the end of the day, as a hater of Valentine’s Day you just have to survive 24 hours, 72 hours off social media and just give the algorithm time to cleanse itself and restore order and sanity.

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