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Bad relationships, are we being witchcrafted?

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Bad relationships, are we being witchcrafted?

Until he asked her, “why are you single when you are such a catch?”

I am totally starting to believe in witchcraft, spiritual husbands, and isidina. Ngoba no man, my girls from all my different circles are basically crying about the same thing – bad relationships. It’s either that, or it is a NAS takeover (Niggaz Ain’t Sh*t). The streets be rough, relationshipically its tense, kubird. So in a nutshell, mina I’m not going to be crying anytime soon, or dancing like a white guy. No maid of honor speech, nothing. It is rough guys, I be pinning all these dresses on my Pinterest board for nothing.

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Girl number one, was girlfriending the living daylights out of mo’guy. Guys I’m talking planning romantic picnics, packing lunches. Staying up all night helping him refine his presentations. Yes and moghel laye was getting some chankula. The guy was monied, buying a thousand roses, expensive perfumes and taking her on baecations. Until he introduced her to his girlfriend as his friend, when they bumped into each other. Ouch!!!!!

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Girl number two, was also like girl one. Girlfriending the guy to death. Was going to his place to cook, clean and doing all those WAP shenanigans. I’m talking spelling coconut with your waist. When he needed her, she would go running like he was her favorite drug. She even gave him her car, so he could do deliveries for his catering business. When he was in a rut, she was picking up the mess. Until he asked her, “why are you single when you are such a catch?” Definitely money can’t buy you love.

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If you are miss goody two shoes, this is not for you.

My other girlfriend, was dating an engaged guy. Things were good and all. Until the dude went to pay the last bit of lobola. That day, the already ailing relationship expired. The moment they did the whole moving in together, their love left the Nyaradzo tent and went straight to Westpark. Now boo boo, calls her up here and there asking questions like, “why are you quiet?” Yet, if she addresses how the relationship has changed, he totally ignores her. Texts three or four days later, and never refers to her last text. It is like his marriage never happened.

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So I ask, are our bad relationships due to witchcraft? Is it NAS season? Or the most likely, are the girls being given all the signs, but the just stick to Mr Wrong. Please leave a comment down below on what you think is happening in nowadays, why are relationships so complicated. If you going through the same please like and share.

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