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Ghosting Is A Disease…Get Well Soon!

Ghosting Is A Disease Get Well Soon

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Ghosting Is A Disease…Get Well Soon!

No message is a message.

Ghosting Is A Disease Get Well Soon

Today I have no intention of leaving any casualties. Let’s talk about ghosting.

Ghosting is a disease.

Ghosting is a cancer.

Ghosting is a sickness that causes immeasurable emotional turmoil, but I don’t think some of you are ready to have that conversation.

Ghosting,” ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don’t know, is not a great way to tell people you do not respect them nor value their time and energy.

If someone ghosts you, respect the dead.

Please leave people who don’t want you alone. A good way to start would be never to overestimate your significance in anyone’s life. People will ignore you without a text or phone call and feel zero remorse. They aren’t “busy” nor are you “too clingy”, Mr.Abra Cadabra is communicating with people, just not with you.

No message is a message.

I didn’t go to Harvard but I can assure you they are fully aware they are hurting you, yet they do it anyway. Disrespect is a choice. When my father decided he didn’t want a family anymore, he ran for the hills. I wonder if it had anything to do with my inability to tell jokes, I apologize, I digress.

About three years ago, I had the displeasure of encountering a malevolent spirit (we’ll call him Daddy Phantom), he committed an atrocity similar to my father’s, except, he skipped the country and hasn’t been heard from since, as if he didn’t fertilize an egg back home. According to his Instagram, he is very much still amongst the living; nevertheless, something tells me he’d be more comfortable at a cemetery.

Silent treatment is childish!               

If no one has told you, allow me to be the first to do so; ghosting conveys immaturity. Treating people like they are disposable is cruel. Inviting a girl over for “Netflix and chill” only to cut all communication after that is heartless. Solely texting a guy when you are hungry or need to get your nails or hair done is manipulative. DMing your ex and giving them false hope only to vanish when you’ve moved on to someone “better” is sadistic.

Get into the habit of making your intentions known from the get-go. Want to rearrange someone’s guts? By all means, say so. Looking for a distraction or an escape? I repeat, say something! Stop checking in and out of people’s lives and find a hotel.

Toxic people stop talking to you instead of apologizing.

Oftentimes people do not want to be accountable for their actions. Learn to use your big boy and big girl words and stop pretending the people you formed emotional attachments with don’t exist. One of my exes cheated on me and, after I found out, made zero efforts to contact me again…it’s been three years. Moral of the story; a majority of these wannabe magicians build their entire identity around not giving a damn, and quite frankly, the problem is not with you (Don’t beat yourself up).

Stop giving people free access to you. You are not solar energy!

No matter how many times you search “How to make her stop ghosting me,” Google won’t bring her back. “I wonder if he knows he hurt me,” he knows; he doesn’t care. People give effort to what’s important to them, and unfortunately, you are not. Access to your energy should be a privilege and anyone who does not understand that should eat glass. Your entire vibe should be “Do Not Disturb.” Teach yourself to gravitate towards people who want you around. The minute they start ignoring you, stop letting them live in your heart rent-free.

Eventually, it will stop hurting…

An individual that truly cares about you would feel sick to the stomach at the thought of never speaking to you again. They are clearly not afraid to lose you, so it’s high time you learnt to live without them. It won’t be easy, but you need to start putting yourself first. You are the main character in this cinematic masterpiece called life, don’t let Casper the Not So Friendly Ghost dictate how you live it. I know it hurts, and I’m sorry they made you believe you could count on them. You radiate positivity, and you are the most beguiling of individuals; I hope you attract people that recognize your worth.

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