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Empower the woman in ways that count


Empower the woman in ways that count

Women need to be acknowledged and given “proper” empowerment tools to improve their standard of living.


Give a woman…..and you have fed the world” and so the popular adage goes. While this may seem to be more appropriately placed the whole issue goes to the practical implementation of such on the part of women; socially, politically and even economically.  The world seems to ‘celebrate’ the success of it’s recognition of women’s rights but on the practical side one will note that it is more on the theoretical rather than the practical side. Patriarchy still remains the order of the day and as such the need to keep it’s prowess intact and maintain the status quo becomes inevitable.

The current Zimbabwe situation, which has seen a drop in living standards for the majority seems has seen poverty levels escalating. It weighs more on the woman, the mother figure and at times the chief breadwinner. This sad scenario has increased the suffering woman who becomes the vulnerable victim, alongside her girl child.

Even the woman who has a breadwinner, a husband, is suffering. The situation coerces her supplement the budget at home, while fulfilling her other roles. The increased suffering in this economy results in the woman, at times, failing to access proper medical care, sanitary wear which is a must and worse child rearing. This coerces the woman to consolidate the paltry income at home through other means.

‘Hustling’ the popular trend of survival has seen everyone running about in a bid to have the dollar in their pockets. Most of the so called businesses are not regarded as legal entities face a lot of challenges especially from the legal side. While the woman who is not gainfully employed has to hustle through vending and other ways…cases of being chased by local authorities are common. In such situations it is very painful whereby you witness a woman trying to evade omakokobas with a baby strapped to her back. This is a pathetic picture of desperate actions.

In all this, the applicability of laws that protect women become null and void. Yes, gender based violence is sang but is the number of abused women decreasing? Laws don’t seem to work in such scenarios whereby the vulnerable of the society suffer even more. Media sources are awash with the results or outcomes of the poor economy with moral standards deteriorating.

Finally, women need to be acknowledged and given “proper” empowerment tools to make their lives manageable.

By Ethel Thabani Ndhlovu

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