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The burden of truth

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The burden of truth

Someone “prophesied” that he had to marry an 11-year-old, and he did.

I’ll just cut to chase with this scorching truth –

If you haven’t read my thoughts on Accountability, I’d recommend you do some catching up. Carrying on from that article, I think an important element when dealing with accountability is honesty. And so, our title comes into play, who does the Burden of Truth fall upon?

I’ve touched on how the Catholic Church deals with abusive pastors in relation to children, but recently I encountered a story from rural Zimbabwe where the perpetrators use the same tool, be it in a slightly different way. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now, a 14-year-old girl died while giving birth, to a child, from a grown man, whom she was married off to, at what I’m guessing is the request of the church…the church in question is what seems to be ezamaPhostori (to my non-Zimbabweans, I have no translations for this) – think of it as an informal Christian sect.

Naturally this wasn’t the only case as you’ll see below:

I don’t think I have to explain what’s wrong with that video. Someone “prophesied” that he had to marry an 11-year-old, and he did. Interestingly, our perpetrator clearly states that he’s followed the church’s orders because it works to his advantage – one he likely would not have without the church. Now call me sinister, but is it so far fetched to think that these religious leaders are being paid to find young brides for these “opportunists” and paedophiles?

I’ve read the comments and quotes tweets, and we need to be honest with ourselves – its one thing to willing give away your hard-earned money to fake celebrity pastors and miracle men in the name of our ‘Lord and Saviour’ and pay tithes in a poverty-stricken state, but we need to draw the line at sanctioning paedophilia cause “God” says so.

If you’re one of the many religious people shouting at your screen to me about how misguided these people are, or “it’s not what the TRUE faith teaches” and stuff along these lines – save your breath. I have no interest in your delusional self-righteousness. What you people fail to realise is this: by definition – these people are only wrong in the eyes of society, and the very prerequisite that allows you to believe in God, is the same thing that allows Mic-dropping wannabes to play at being prophets and make more money than you ever will, doing it – you’re all blind, not only just the reality of the world, but to lies you’re fed because human selfishness makes you care for nothing more than saving your souls in the promised after-life.

Still not making sense? OK, let’s try this. Assuming I side with the “true Christians” who see the wrong in this, how can you argue against these girls’ suffering being part of your God’s plan? He knows all, sees all and controls all, yes? That means everything you’ve read about here today, including my less than flattering takes on the matter and distaste for your faith are thanks to him, and none of you can tell me otherwise, not to say you’re not welcome to try. Allow me to be frank here – it’s not people using religion or God to do despicable things, religion/God allows people to use them however they see fit, because the very blueprint of an all-powerful being who created everything in existence but somehow still finds time to care about what I do with my penis, is as a tool for thought alignment (I’m not explaining this, read a book). And please don’t quote the bible in the comments to me, because I’ll quote back scripture that contradicts your point – there’s 66 books, and I have time.

So where’s this going you wonder? I’m annoyed, angry, because all the “proper Christians” worried about how this reflects on their faith fail to see the bigger picture- it’s not by God’s grace that your church doesn’t do this, your privilege is nothing but a product of pure chance, these kids could have easily been one of you or me – you’re lucky, that’s all. You don’t pray any harder than those who have less than you, they haven’t “sinned” any more than you have, you’re just fortunate. Fortunate enough to be born into a family that could prioritise your education, and I’m not gonna pretend like I’m not lucky either. I am the way I am because I ended up in a country with opportunities – and if there’s one thing that starves religion, it’s the lack of poverty. I digress however, in truth, these kids are born in rural areas, in a country with already limited opportunities and poor resource management, it’s no one fault outside the government, but the virtue-signalling from different Christian sect members is equally as upsetting for me.

Listen, whatever you believe in is your choice, what you don’t get to do is complain when that very thing that you claim requires no evidence to be accepted is used without evidence to support something equally destructive – not to say you were using it for any good to begin with, I mean your prayers to heal the world work just as well for it, as they do for you – check your privilege, pray if it makes YOU feel better, but don’t misunderstand the truth of this world we live in, where rich anointed men of the cloth have videos of life-changing miracle healings, but the holy products you purchase from them won’t heal your terminally ill family members, and little girls are given away to be child brides because “God’s will” or whatever.

Life has never been simple, we carry on with our lives because we make a choice to ignore the things we don’t like, and that’s OK. What’s not OK is thinking that talking to your chosen version of sky daddy asking him to “bless” the rest of the world – while on your knees, with your eyes closed, does some good- this is nothing but self-serving. The burden of truth doesn’t just lie with those who lead, it lies with the followers too.

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