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Beyond the Surface: A New Bulawayo Documentary Series

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Beyond the Surface: A New Bulawayo Documentary Series

Beyond the Surface explores the lives and stories of artists and creatives in Bulawayo

Lee McHoney shot by Visuals by Corey

We have a new documentary on the block in Bulawayo. Beyond the Surface is a documentary series that aims to inspire young and upcoming artists by giving them a glimpse into the lives and stories of successful and established artists and creatives in Bulawayo. The series covers various fields and genres, such as music, film, fashion, lifestyle, and more. Each episode features a different guest.

I can’t begin to stress how important it is for us to document and showcase the creatives in Bulawayo. This is the kind of exposure we are willing to accept. As we begin to learn about our creatives, we can start to build fanbases around them. Has it ever been possible to support something that you don’t know about?

Have you ever fallen in love with an artist and went straight to the internet to learn more about them? Imagine, you search for them on Google and you find absolutely nothing. How disappointing would that be? Documenting the evolution of our artists is a way of preserving expertise for future creatives and artists. Indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili (those who have gone before are the ones who can show the path) and the internet has provided a place for us to archive and preserve these stories.

The pilot episode features an exclusive interview with Lee McHoney, a Zimbabwean actress and singer known for her role as Mai Noku on Wadiwa Wepa Moyo. Lee McHoney shares her insights on her career, her challenges, and her inspirations, as well as her thoughts on the arts and culture scene in Bulawayo.

Beyond the Surface is a passion project that celebrates the diversity and richness of the arts and culture in Bulawayo, and hopes to inspire and empower the next generation of artists and creatives. The series is produced by Visuals By Corey in association with Kreative Art Media. The venue for the interviews is Garnet’s Place. Make up is done by Mayenziwe.

Artists, when you get the invite to be on the Beyond the Surface documentary, please don’t hesitate to jump on the opportunity. We have heard your concerns about how the questions are always the same but imagine someone bumping into this having no prior knowledge of you. These opportunities give you a chance of tapping into new markets. Seize and squeeze the opportunity. Early documentation can attract attention and support from potential fans, sponsors, and collaborators. Shows like these give you a platform to showcase your talent and build a name for yourselves.

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