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Sofar Sounds, Songs From A Room

Sofar sounds

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Sofar Sounds, Songs From A Room

Sofar Sounds, Songs From A Room

Sofar sounds

If you’re craving live music that feels authentic and unexpected look no further than Sofar Sounds. Sofar Sounds brings artists and audiences together for intimate concerts in unique venues around the globe. It’s a chance to experience music in a whole new way, fostering a sense of community in over 400 cities. Harare being one of them so yaay for me!

While a friend initially sparked my curiosity (thanks, Karyn!), it was my sister, ThembiTerry, who finally pulled me in for a Women’s Month celebration featuring an all-female lineup. The excitement starts with signing up online, and anticipation builds up as you wait for the acceptance email to arrive and finally, 36 hours before the event, the location is revealed, along with the long-awaited lineup.

Our venue was the Old Rock and Eden Lang, a Harare-born pop artist opened the event. The “Maiwee” songstress perfectly captured the people’s attention. She captivated us all with her performance that defied heartbreak’s usual melancholy. “Sweet Waste of Time,” a standout track, explored the bittersweet nature of past relationships.

Next, Bulawayo-born, Harare-based artist Lala Martin took the stage. The soulful resonance of her voice, accompanied by the mbira was just mind-blowing! She performed “Thelumoya,” a prayerful song, and a collaborative number titled “Sunrise” showcasing her introspective lyricism and captivating presence. Her performance transcended genres, leaving the crowd swaying and clicking their fingers.

Cingi Nkosi, an Afro-soul artist, delivered a heartfelt performance that touched everyone deeply. Her soulful vocals, rich with emotion, spanned three languages. Each song resonated, with powerful messages striking a chord within the audience. Tears welled up during her performance, which seamlessly transitioned from vulnerability (as evidenced by the moving performance) to empowerment with the upbeat “Woza,” a celebration of God’s embrace.

The energy shifted as Kim Makumbe took to the stage. Her confidence and charisma were palpable, instantly connecting with the audience. Affectionately dubbed “Kim baby” by the crowd, she exuded a natural stage presence. Her powerful vocals soared, tackling themes of self-love, body positivity, and female empowerment. Kim, a true shining star, even debuted a brand new song, “Ndendichitodawo”  fresh off its release, offering the audience an exclusive first listen.

Sofar Sounds delivered an unforgettable afternoon of discovery. Witnessing these talented women share their stories through music was truly inspiring. If you’re looking for a unique and intimate live music experience, Sofar Sounds is a must-attend! This event will be held every once a month for the foreseeable future. Shout out to Khumbu for organizing this event. It was well put together.

If you’re an artist and you’d like to perform at Sofar sounds, you can fill in the application here.

The Scripts and Bars programme is delivered by the Kay Media Africa in partnership with Reprezent (UK) and is supported by the British Council Creative Economy programme, which supports Cultural professionals and artists to develop their knowledge, artistic practice, skills and networks contributing to greater prosperity and sustained livelihoods.

Fun fact:  Latvia, Taiwan, Ecuador, France and Zim hosted Sofar events on the exact same day!

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Here’s some insight on what happened at Sofar Sounds. We got some interviews of the beautiful women that performed coming up #sofarharare @Sofar Sounds #ConSantanderConecto

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