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Discover a Thrifter’s Paradise at the CBD Market


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Discover a Thrifter’s Paradise at the CBD Market

Discover a Thrifter’s Paradise at the CBD Market

Fashion is an adventure, and the CBD Market is your playground. Get a chance to watch or join us as the fashionistas hub.


Creatives at the CBD Market

So, you’re curious about the CBD Market, huh? Picture this, it’s not just a place to score some amazing deals on clothes, it’s like a festival for fashionistas and bargain hunters alike!

Here in Zimbabwe, thrifting is a big deal. It’s where all the cool kids come to show off their unique style. It’s all about rocking that sustainable fashion and keeping it trendy forever.

You might feel lost, unique, and judged for your fashion sense but when you step into the First Floor Art Gallery. You enter a place of acceptance where your unique taste in fashion is not questioned but embraced as creative. Sometimes, the market transforms into a stage with live performances and song listening by artists like ULENNI OKANDLOVU, trust it’s a 360 experience of diversity and creativity.

Thrift at CBD Market

No need to feel anxious when buying preowned merch. Just groove to your favorite tunes while you go through the best and carefully curated stands. From vintage gems to modern classics, there’s a find for every fashion fanatic. Brought to you by resellers like Grayville Thrift and Harare Thrift Plug, curating collections of thrift and customized clothes that scream ‘unique’!

Accessories on sale at CBD Market

It is advisable to take your time and look around before you commit to anything because everything looks amazing and you can’t have it all. If you are thinking of building an outfit, start with a tee, and some pants, and if the budget is flexible then layer up. You can also top off your look with caps, shoes and other accessories. Believe me when I say it’s all there.

Fashion is an adventure, and the CBD Market is your playground. When you get the chance, join us as the fashionistas hub, showcasing outfits that’ll inspire your next outfitoftheday #OOTD. We are not just dressed, we are telling stories.

Every Friday! From 4 pm to 7 pm on the 2nd floor, the First Floor Art Gallery turns into a fashionista’s paradise. Don’t miss it. Come through and have fun with us. It’s more than shopping; it’s a community, a celebration of style and creativity.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull up to the CBD Market, let your style journey begin and don’t forget to look your best!

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