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Box braids and ways to style them for different occasions

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Box braids and ways to style them for different occasions

To begin with box braids are low maintenance but you can still slay them to parties, family gatherings, weddings, dates; the list is endless.

I don’t even know what to do with my hair, combing it is a hassle and I don’t know a lot of ways to style my hair. I have a party in 3 days and a dinner date month-end and I don’t know the best hairstyle to fit the two occasions blah blah blah. Careful, you might get an unnecessary headache from hair stress when you can just have this one hairstyle that can answer all your questions and almost save you the stress. BOX BRAIDS! Yes I said almost because I’m not sure your stress is the kinda stress that’s solvable LOL!!!

Well truth be told we want to be part of all these nice, fancy events. Sometimes we have the right outfits for the occasions but the hair be like “Ngingenaphi Min’apho?” I think I kinda have a solution to the ‘nkinga’: box braids! A lot of people don’t really consider box braids but I think they are one of the simplest hairstyles you can rock anywhere, anyhow.

Let’s talk about the advantages that come with plaiting box braids. To begin with box braids are low maintenance but you can still slay them to parties, family gatherings, weddings, dates; the list is endless. Quite a number of us want good hair that will not cost us a lot and box braids are number one on that.

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Secondly, box Braids are an ideal protective hairstyle anyone wanting to maintain good hair can have. Most of us, if not all of us, want hairstyles that will not leave us regretting ever choosing them after they have messed up our hair. So on hairstyles that best protect hair, I vote box braids number 1.

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Thirdly, box braids are ‘ROCKABLE’ anywhere. You know there are some hairstyles you cannot go to an interview or formal meeting with and there are some that are a NO NO for parties, dates, dinners etc. But with box braids, you will not go wrong as long as you know how to style them for different occasions. This is why I have a few ways to style your box braids below. I didn’t exhaust all of them but am sure they can come in handy for Box braid lovers and soon to be lovers.


1) The Half-Up Side Bun.
This one works for both formal and casual occasions; it’s also easy to do. Part your hair into two (top and bottom) then align the braids at the top to one side, this has to be your favourite selfie side LOL so that people don’t miss out on seeing the bun when you taking selfies. Tie the braids nicely (not too tight) then make a side burn and loosen the braids at the bottom to the side where your bun is. Not so difficult Right?

2) Half-Up Space Buns.
Party mode activated or going out with the girls for some fun? Two half-up buns wouldn’t be such a bad idea. For me the hairstyle says: “I am ready to have fun” so you can try it out also. Part your hair into two, leaving the bottom part loose then further part the top part into two side halves, tie up one side to make a bun and the do the same for the other side to have two equal buns while you leave the bottom braids loose.

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3) Scarf Updo
I don’t about others but I would prefer a scarf Updo for church or some Jazz concert. Some can even Rock it to work, it’s still fine. You tie up you braids towards the centre or side of your head, tie a bun then wrap your hair with a nice colourful scarf, leaving the bun to standout.

4) Side Crown Braid
Some ladies would go for a full-on crown braid but I would prefer a side half-crown because a full-on one may turn out to be too heavy. So you can plait in one side of your braids and move it up a bit then move it to the back and let the other side loose.

As a braider, I have grown to love box braids not just because I can do them but because there are various advantages that come with doing them. By the way if this motivates you to do box braids sometime in your life, you can hit me up for nice affordable box braids in Bulawayo.

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