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5 Bomb Braided Styles You Should Consider For Winter.

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5 Bomb Braided Styles You Should Consider For Winter.

With the nights getting colder, it’s evident that winter is approaching. If you’re not fond of washing your hair during the cold season, then here are 5 Braided Styles iNgudukazi recommends for you.

With April drawing closer, clear signs that winter is approaching starts to become evident. The nights are beginning to get a little colder each passing day. Due to the cold, chilly air of winter, you probably don’t want to wash your hair so often, for fear of catching a cold. And, with a pandemic underway, it’s probably not the best idea to get sick. Therefore, the best solution for the upcoming winter season is protective styling. If you’re unsure of what protective style to try, here are a few braided styles that will point you in the right direction.

1. Bob Box Braids.

Braided box braids have been a go-to protective style for African women for a good while now. It’s neat, it lasts long & it makes you look good with minimal effort. The styling options behind it are also endless, but after years & years of repeating the same style, it can get a little boring. The best way to spice it up is by shortening them to a Bob.

Instead of traditionally burning the ends, which is something that should be left in the past, you can place little elastic bands, wooden/ plastic beads or metallic, braid cuffs to the end, to stop the braid from unraveling & to add some pizzazz to the overall look.

2. Spring Twists.

If you haven’t heard of spring twists before, then this is a braided style you definitely need to try out. Unlike traditional twists which use straight braiding hair, spring twists require curly braiding hair. This gives the twists a plump, more natural-looking appearance, with the added benefit of curly looking ends. So if you’re looking for something different to try out this 2021, then definitely give this style a try.

3. Knotless Braids.

You might be wondering what on Earth knotless braids are. Well, to explain it briefly it’s a newer technique to the traditional box braids. Instead, of having a bulky knot around your roots (where the extension is added to your real hair), the braid is added in a similar manner to feed-in braids (aka carpet).

This makes the braid appear more seamless & natural look, with the added benefit of less bulky, light-weight braids installed on your hair. As a result, less packs of braid are often used.

4. Faux Locks.

Faux locks are really great style to have. Not only is it one of the most low maintenance styles out there, especially for naturals who have trouble with pesky fly-aways, but it’s also a good protective style (provided you don’t install them too tightly). So if you’re looking for a low maintenance, natural looking protective style to try in the winter, this is a really good choice.

5. Distressed/ Butterfly Locks.

If you’re someone who keeps up with the fashion trends, then you’ll know that distressed has been in season for a while now. From torn stockings to messy hair, distressed seems to be taking the world by storm. Since African hair can’t exactly pull off the messy bun, without people thinking your completely homeless, the next best thing is distressed locks.

Distressed locks don’t have to look neat, in fact the messier & more haphazard the locks look, the better the appeal. Which makes it a perfect starting point for those who want to do a Do It Yourself hair style. That way if you mess up no-one will actually notice.



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