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7 Hairstyles To Rock On Valentines Day

7 Hairstyles To Rock On Valentines Day

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7 Hairstyles To Rock On Valentines Day

If you’re tired of doing the same old styles with your short, medium or long natural hair & want a more special look for the special day, then you can rest easy. Ingudukazi has your back, so here’s a few styles you can try for Valentine’s Day. The best thing is you can do them yourself.

Valentine’s Day is slowly sneaking up on us! It’s that time where the sweet scent of love, romance, roses & chocolate fill the air; although, it’s also a time where your wallet will lose a lot of weight. Another less fortunate side to Valentine’s Day is that it can sometimes be a reminder to how single you actually are, but being single doesn’t have to mean your day must be a lonely one. You can still celebrate the day by treating your family members, your friends or even yourself to a sweet treat or you could opt to sending them a small gift or card, as a simple reminder that you love them (or yourself).

So whether, you have a special someone to share the day with, or you just want to look good for an amazing Valentine’s Day inspired selfie, here are 7 gorgeous styles you can try with your natural hair.

1. A Side Pin Up.

A classic fro, or curly fro, is beautiful. But, for Valentine’s Day, it would be great to spice up your regular fro. A side pin up is the perfect style to do that; it’s quick, it’s easy & your not limited to just using a simple bobby pin to pin down one side of your hair. You can use mabhanzi, flat twists, cornrows, small rubber bands, bantu knots, etc to jazz up the one side of your gorgeous head of hair. And, to add an extra layer of pizzazz you can use accessories like gold string, metal braid cuff jewelry, beads, etc.

2. The Side Puff.

I don’t know any natural who doesn’t like a good puff, well except maybe the shorter hair naturals. A puff is a great way to get your hair up & out of the way, especially when it’s no longer looking it’s best. But a regular high puff can be a little boring, so it’s best to spice it up by doing a side puff. A side puff gives you a different feeling to the regular puff, it’s got a sense of feminity & romance in the way it looks. By adding a clip with a flower, floral scrunchies/ hair elastics or even a simple red headband, it will make the side puff feel more Valentine’s Day inspired.

3. A High Puff & Bangs.

If you’re someone whose worried about how much larger their forehead is than everyone elses, or you feel like your not comfortable with your thin or receding hairline/edges being seen, then this is probably the ideal hairstyle for you. Adding afro bangs to your puff, will help you look a little more amazing & definitely more feminine. If you can’t seem to get that pesky afro bang to lay down, a good tip would be to use bobby pins or a headband to try and lay it, cause we all know natural hair wants to go up, instead of down, sometimes.

4. The Fulani Inspired Puff.

Fulani braids gained some serious popularity a couple of years back. The iconic single braid going straight back (down the top middle of the head) and the braids that came forward, instead of back, really wowed the world & took it by storm. This African inspired hairstyle is not only visually appealing as a braid style, but is also beautiful as a puff alternative too. To incorporate it into a puff, all you really need is some basic braiding skills, beads and accessories (eg. metal braid cuffs).

5. An Elegant Updo.

Natural hair can also be done up in a chiq, sophisticated way. The updo is a perfect way to do up your hair, if you and your partner decide to have a romantic, elegant meal at a really nice looking, elegant place. While updos can be a little tricky to do, or master, on the first go, it’s nothing a little bit of practice won’t fix. Make sure you have lots of bobby pins around, you’ll thank me later.

6. The “Crown” Braid.

If you don’t really want to have your natural hair wild and free, and would prefer to have it plaited to keep it out of the way, then fear not. The crown braid is an excellent way to show case your you’re a “queen”, while looking good with plaited natural hair. It’s a little tricky to do, because you have to be able to make a cornrow, or flat twist, round the perimeter of your head (basically around your hairline & nape line), but it looks gorgeous once you manage to do it. Adding gold metal cuffs, gold string or clips with flowers to your braid, will make the style look even better and even more earthy-queen-like.

7. Cornrows Into A Ponytail.

If you want a more sophisticated look for Valentine’s Day, then this half braided style is just the style to give you that. By cornrowing, or alternatively flat twisting or installing mabhanzi, the front-half of your hair and tying the back-half of your hair (including the ends of the cornrows), you give yourself a pretty, yet simple, 2 dimensional hairstyle that looks great. Adding metal braid cuffss, string or beads are a good way to accessorise. 

  • If you have short hair, adding afro-like textured hair, eg.Yaki & Marley braid (which you can find at hair mart), will help you to fake it until you make it.
  • Bobby pins can be a naturals best friend, so make sure you have some around, you never know when you might need them.
  • Old school rubber bands should be kept away from your hair, it will pull out your hair strands from the root. Hair rubber bands are different to regular rubber bands.


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