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How can you want to be with God but fear death?

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How can you want to be with God but fear death?

If death is natural and God is as real as the pain we feel and suffer, why then do we still fear death?

Are we in our right minds? To claim we want God but still fear death? If death is natural and God is as real as the pain we feel and suffer, why then do we still fear death? Death has been presented to us after all, and yes I say presented, it has been dressed up, in order to ease the pain of loss; so if we truly believed in an after-life, would we not celebrate the ascension of our brethren? Our family?

I’m sure you’re wondering, “am I still in the right place? this isn’t the soul-ties guy is it?” Fortunately or unfortunately, the answers are yes, and yes.

What then is the cause of our adverse reaction to the union with our Creator? Surely it’s obvious?

Speaking from a Christian ‘understanding’, and if memory serves, the doctrine implies the existence of a pleasant after-life. So why the despair? It’s no news that none amongst us wish to meet our end, but this is different. How so? Quite simply, is it possible that we don’t truly believe, maybe not in the doctrine, but in ourselves?

After all, one thorough reading of the Good book, and you’ll quickly realise the requirements of said promised ‘after-life’ might appear to some; as a little bit steep. So that must breed doubt, if not for anyone, I speak only for myself.

It’s this uncertainty that creates the feeling of dread when faced with the ‘end’, or should I say beginning?

And that’s our problem.

The dichotomy, of death with the promise of life. Surely this premise is ridiculous regardless of packaging? And maybe our souls are preview to this, even if we ourselves are convinced otherwise.Not making sense?

Let’s consider how this system is designed shall we?

As stated previously, the requirements, (at least from my point of view),are such that you’re expected to fail. So why bother? The doctrine offers retribution upon failure, add to that the presence of endless renewal, and you have yourself a recipe for a lifetime subscription. People keep failing, and hence keep coming back for forgiveness, rinse and repeat. Pretty simple right?

Where does that leave our mental state? Surely a substantial amount of subscribers must suffer from endless anxiety traversing this sin filled planet of ours. And assuming your mind and spirit are, at the very least linked (shameless plug- but read my previous article for reference), are you then not subjected to constant turmoil if you’re one of these unfortunate subscribers?

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