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Selbourne Park Christian Church: A Bible-Based Church in Bulawayo

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Selbourne Park Christian Church: A Bible-Based Church in Bulawayo

Selbourne Park Christian Church

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I’m one of those people who gets distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday such that I neglect my spiritual life. I struggle to find quiet time and when prayer time comes, my mind will get distracted or I fall asleep. I need a revival and a new right spirit within. If you are like me or you need to find a good bible based church in Bulawayo, you’ll love this article about Selbourne Park Christian Church.

When the Pandemic fell upon us, I couldn’t go to church like before. My church swiftly responded by turning to digital platforms seamlessly. Selbourne Park Christian Church has a YouTube channel, WhatsApp broadcast list and a Soundcloud account. You can catch their sermons from far back and enjoy the word of God with convenience.

What I like about the digitalisation of church is that we get to reach more people than before. It’s not ideal that we can’t congregate like before but the instant gratification generation can now catch the word of God on demand like Netflix but food for the soul instead. With all the public transport woes and now being in winter plus a third wave of Covid-19 looming, the church going online is what we needed because we are so attached to our phones.

Pastor Richard Langworthy always understands the assignment every time he gets on that pulpit. I sometimes wonder if he has bugged my house because he will speak directly into my situation without fail. I’m constantly being dragged for my lawlessness and nonsense and honestly, I love it. Doesn’t the bible say he chastises those that he loves?

At Selbourne Park Christian Church, there’s something for everyone including the children’s church, youth meetings, meetings for men, meetings for women, weekly prayer meetings and outreach programs. All the meetings are usually on Zoom. They also recently started growing food for the needy and the church continues to grow with new branches being opened as far as Nkayi. Everything you love and need from a church is available to you.

If you would like to turn your life over to Jesus Christ and you’ve been looking for a sign or a bible-based church, you can message the Selbourne Park Christian Church WhatsApp to get added to the broadcast list. As an added bonus, they also send the sermon as an audio file straight to your WhatsApp inbox. You can access the SoundCloud account here and the YouTube channel here.

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