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Press Release: Tsikamutanda Coming Soon!

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Press Release: Tsikamutanda Coming Soon!

Tsikamutanda It all stemmed from an idea conceived during the first lockdown by the head of the budding production company &US Entertainment, Ron Lannister who then brought on Dropout Films to bring his story to life, helmed by the award winning filmmaker Taku Dzino, who won the best narrative at the EU Film festival (2020) for his last offering 18 Months Later.

The bold new fantasy series will consist of 5 episodes, set in modern times with the backdrop of the city of Bulawayo, following the life of Ralph, caught between worlds. Aching to find his way through his disjointed past and still living a lie, Ralph battles with what is moral. The production started on the 27th of November, scouting locations and contracting actors and working on the script the cast and crew threw themselves into the production working collaboratively to end with a mind blowing visual epic, with some scenes needing to be built from scratch and early shooting commitments.

The trailer was released on 22 January on the official Instagram page:

Recurring Cast

Jungle Worldwide: plays Ralph, a resident artist who is living a double life.

Charmaine Mudau: plays Tanya, the gallery curator trying to balance both her work and personal life.

Calvin Madula: plays Mainza, the protagonist’s best friend. A city councilman with skeletons in his closet and an eye on starting his own mayoral campaign.

Tawanda Denga: plays DCI Rowland, investigating corruption in the mayoral office as he also navigates his crumbling personal life.

Yvonne Chelsea Chasi: plays Samu, a young mysterious stranger, prying into Ralph’s life.

Ben Chest: plays Mangwiro, a power hungry, business man intent on amassing more riches by any means necessary.

Tinashe Changara: plays Kgosi, Tanya’s ambitious vibrant assistant, working towards climbing the corporate ladder.

&US Entertainment: founded in 2019, is a film and music agency promoting growth in Zimbabwe and Africa. A collective group of businessmen investing resources and strategy to ensure that Zimbabwean talent is exposed on a world stage while young creatives are paid for their talents to ensure they are able to live self-sustainable lives funded by their passion.

DropOut Films: founded in 2015, is a group of young self-taught filmmakers with a passion for producing content that represents the 3rd world and tells stories otherwise neglected or usually told from an outsider perspective.

Contact Details:

Ron Lannister

&US Entertainment

Contact: +263 771 013 462

WhatsApp: +27 61 361 8265


Taku Dzino

DropOut Films



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