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My Top 5 Romance Novels

My Top 5 Romance Novels

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My Top 5 Romance Novels

So, my hopeless romantics, allow me to be your tour guide into the world of super sweet romances.

My Top 5 Romance NovelsPicture this, you’re curled up on the couch or on your bed, glass or cup of your favourite drink in hand and a nice cheesy romance novel in front of you. Allow me to help you recreate this scene. These are my top five favourite feel-good, super cheesy romance novels.

Caution: these book boyfriends are totally irresistible and you have a 99.9% chance of falling in love!

So, my hopeless romantics, allow me to be your tour guide into the world of super sweet romances.

 1. No, We Can’t Be friends: Sophie Ranald
This isn’t your usual romance, but a story showing a woman’s journey to loving herself after investing her all into a marriage with a man who wasn’t interested in investing any of his time into their relationship. If you want a feel good romance story sprinkled with some very important lessons about relationships and self love , this is the book to read.

No, We Can't Be Friends

2. If I  Never Met You: Mhairi McFarlane
This feel good romance takes you on a black woman’s journey in love. After breaking up with her steady boyfriend, Laurie finds herself the subject of office gossip. In a bid to preserve her image, she enters a mutually beneficial faux relationship with her co-worker. All goes well until real feelings start creeping in…

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3. Take a Hint, Dani Brown: Talia Hibbert
After asking the goddess Oshun for someone to give her a no-strings-attached good time, Dani Brown along with her taciturn friend who works as a security guard at the university she works at, finds herself cast into the spotlight as part of one of the cutest couples on the internet. In a bid to help her friend get publicity for a cause he cares about, she decides to play along, but gets more than she bargained for. This story speaks on grief and mental health while layering on the sweetness and cheesiness romance novels are known for. Not only is it bound to make you smile, it will also educate you.

4. Fumbled: Alexa Martin
If you want a feel good romance that’ll have you smiling to yourself, look no further than here. Poppy is a single mom who’s working really hard to give her son as comfortable a life as possible. A chance encounter with her son’s father, throws her into a co-parenting relationship she really had no intention of finding herself in. If you love second chances and sacrifices in the name of love, this book is for you!

5. Fight or Flight: Samantha Young
This story starts with, as the name implies a fight, right before our two main characters go on a flight. This is your typical hate to love romance with some really funny chance encounters between a young woman trying to put across an image of being put together which is far from the truth, and a young man who is afraid of letting himself fall in love.


So there you have it my fellow hopeless romantics and bookworms. A list of books that will make you laugh hard, smile harder, and believe in love. Valentine’s is over but it’s still the month of love find yourself a book partner to read the day away with, because love is in the air!

Hello! My name's Samkeliso Ncube and I am a hopeless romantic, a whimsical soul and a book worm. When I'm not studying, you can catch me reading a good romance novel, or writing book reviews and think pieces on anything and everything. I hope you enjoy my work and we have awesome and interesting conversations!

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