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Da Kudu ft. Asaph, Brucella, KNG BL – Zimbindaba

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Da Kudu ft. Asaph, Brucella, KNG BL – Zimbindaba


After releasing his album just a while ago (streaming link below), Da Kudu is here to give us one of the most interesting videos that I’ve seen so far. He is not alone, he features Asaph, Brucella and King BL. The track is called ‘Zimbindaba’ and contrary to it’s meaning, it is far from being bad news.

The song is so full of energy and shows us that it’s all about good vibes. The title however doesn’t tell us that it’s about good vibes. “Zimbindaba” when directly translated means bad news and yet we don’t see that here. What I like about the video is it’s simplicity, we just have the artists enjoying the music and showing us that they’re all about the vibes. The beat and the tempo of the song are what stand out for me in this particular song. And that made it easier for me enjoy the music.

As exciting as it is to listen to the song on its own, the video is just as enjoyable. Directed by Blank Ink Creates, it was shot in different scenes. One of the scenes caught my attention because of how the camera angles and the drone were used. Visual effects were used, which is something I’m used not used to seeing when it comes to local artists.

This is definitely a song to blast as we approach summer.

Stream Afro Jams Labangane, the links are available below.

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