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New Music: Msiz’Kay – Kulula feat Bhekiwe

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New Music: Msiz’Kay – Kulula feat Bhekiwe

Call the local DJs and tell them we have a new wedding anthem.

Msiz'Kay Bhekiwe Kulula

Msiz’Kay Bhekiwe – Kulula

My two favourite artists came together and blessed us with a new banger for the lovers. Msiz’Kay has featured Bhekiwe Dube on ‘Kulula’ which could possibly be the song of the year. Call the local DJs and tell them we have a new wedding anthem. Kulula was an instant favourite on Msiz’Kay’s new album titled, ‘Sizalubuhle.’ It’s one of the songs that made me push the repeat button. I’m not surprised that it was the first one to get visuals. Msiz’Kay really knows how to put his best foot forward.

Fun fact, when Msiz’Kay asked which artists we would like to see him collaborate with, I suggested Bhekiwe and he told me she was already on the album. I have a knack for these things. Their vocals together were nothing short of being magical.

The video concept is based on the South African TV show called, ‘Our Perfect Wedding,’ which is popular in it’s own right. The lyrics of the love song seem to be an exchange of vows between the lovebirds. Msiz’Kay and Bhekiwe play the bride and groom which was really cute because they look like they had fun together. When two artists have genuine chemistry and are aligned, it shows on camera.

The stunning Bhekiwe made a gorgeous bride. You can tell the cameraman couldn’t take his lens off of her. There was considerable thought that was put into the wardrobe and styling for the music video. I did notice that during the sunset scene, Bhekiwe seemed to have a wardrobe malfunction. Besides that, her styling was gorgeous. Why wasn’t Msiz’Kay also in Afican print? Unless it’s a metaphor about the fusion of two different cultures. There is also a cameo from Welsh the Stylist, could he have been the tailor behind the scenes? I’m not sure but we must applaud that they involved creatives from other disciplines in the video.

The highlight was definitely Babongile Sikhonjwa doing the ‘Umlando.’ Imagine the officiator of the wedding breaks into ‘Umlando’ at your wedding. LOL. The video was simple yet elegant. They really paid attention to detail and made the mock wedding come alive. I’d love to see artists stepping away from playing the lead in their music videos but for this one, I will let it pass. These two really looked good together. I wondered what they were talking about during the sunset scenes because they were having fun. Keaitse outdid himself with this music video yet again. I’m happy with it.

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