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Music Video Review: Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP

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Music Video Review: Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP

When we saw these two names together we knew from the get go that this wasn’t going to be a wholesome family song to play in the car with your parents while heading to church. So we had earphones in when we first watched it.

Statue of women squatting fountain

First thought: I don’t think this video will be monitised by YouTube.

Water comes gushing out of the door

First thought: Beyoncé about to pop up with a bat!

After hearing the whole song, the water gushing out made sense.

I wouldn’t say I’m a prude but this song was a lot. It was definitely all EXTRA on everything! The hair, the outfits, the visuals, the bars, the nasty, the choreography, the nasty again. It was sensory overload. But I understand why.

It’s been a year since Cardi B released her last song ‘Press.’ Sis needed a hit. She went all out for this song. Megan Thee Stallion is a hot rising artist right now and she was the strategic choice. This collab was mutually beneficial. Cardi B launched her website which crashed when her followers flocked to it. She also went live on Instagram to sign limited edition merch for her fans. Sis was pushing like it’s week 40 and you can’t wait for the baby to come out. 

They’ve been marinating us for weeks! All that gossip about Kylie Jenner unfollowing Megan Thee Stallion after Meg allegedly got shot in both feet by Tory Lanes. Only for the same Kylie Jenner to be featured in the music video! Whew chile! 

I’m all for women expressing their sexuality but this went a tad bit overboard. It was borderline tacky. It’s a sign of the times I guess. 

Ultimately, Cardi B’s bottomline was achieved and kudos to her.

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