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Music Video Review: Mzoe 7’s Asambeni

Music Videos Reviews

Music Video Review: Mzoe 7’s Asambeni

Mzoe 7’s Asambeni took a musical risk by dabbling in the Amapiano genre and it was worth it! The song is amazing and now we have a masterpiece of a music video to boot. We have been waiting for this music video since we saw that clip of Sandra Ndebele marinating us in preparation for it’s release.


The video starts off with Mzoe 7 on some sort of a quest with Thandanani Women Ensemble. It gives off the ‘Muses’ vibe like in the Hercules cartoon. They take him to the mountains where it seems like he gets blessings.

We assume he is being blessed because he is in a knighting position. Also when you see oMama carrying brooms it’s usually a celebration like at weddings. The women then start singing and dancing is’tshikitsha. We assume it’s because the blessing ceremony went well.

We then see Mzoe 7 back in the urban areas living his very best life. It’s almost like he is saying that you need to stick to your roots and the ways of our elders in order to flourish in this modern day. He is surrounded by his friends and nice cars. We found it particularly interesting that his friends were wearing masks which shows that Mzoe 7 is in touch with global issues and wants to be a good role model.

Keaitse Films did the visuals for Mzoe 7’s Asambeni and the crispy clean quality imagery is definitely top class. Hopefully, we will be seeing this video on bigger platforms very soon.

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