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New Music: Msiz’kay ft LaDee – Emaphathini

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New Music: Msiz’kay ft LaDee – Emaphathini

This week we have ‘Emaphathini’ where he features the beautiful songstress LaDee.

Msiz'Kay and La Dee - Emaphathini

Msiz’Kay and La Dee – Emaphathini

Msiz’kay has been serving us with hit after hit and we can’t thank him enough. This week we have ‘Emaphathini’ where he features the beautiful songstress LaDee. At the beginning of the music video we see two golden age love birds sitting together and their grandchild asks the famous “how did you meet” question which allows them to tell a story of love, music and dance that gave birth to their relationship and is the core theme of the video as they say it was emaphathini, the intro scene was shot in Magwegwe West.

​We then are taken back to the music scene of the 60s to 70s were the old couple were at their youthful, inquisitive age and this is were we see LaDee and Msiz’kay at La Gondola. ​The set up is vintage they pulled out all the stops, cross belts, the makeup, high-waisted skirt, big round glasses even the background and props. It’s a complete blast from the past accomplishing the pata-pata era look which saw the rise of jive. Jive is arguably Southern Africa’s greatest moments in music and dance.

​He sings, “before the end of the night ngifun’ ubengowam’ lingaka phum’ ilanga mina ngifun’ ubengowam” (before the end of the night I want you to be mine, before the sun comes out I want you to be mine). He makes his intentions known from the jump, he doesn’t beat around the bush. He’s found love and he wants to make LaDee his.

​The chemistry between them was captured so well. We can see a young pair of adults fall for each other and vibe in the club throughout the night. The video was well planned out as it told the story of how the two went from being two strangers, to falling in love with each other and spending the rest of their days together this is made evident by the fact that they’re thinking back to how they met as they’re sitting outside their home and talking to their grandchild. We spotted Novuyo Seagirl in the video as well, in her cameo, her energy was felt.

I personally give the video a 7/10 rating because it was a sentimental piece of production that really translates the relationship with music and love. “If we are constantly falling in love with music we can also fall in love with each other through our mutual taste music.” Also respecting the production effort for using no fictitious or ambiguous editing or props to establish a false sense of wealth or style. Msiz’kay maintained his humble persona yet again.

If you haven’t seen this video, what are you waiting for? Get the chance to connect with a couple and travel in time to understand how the night life, music, dance and fashion leads to long lasting companionship. Well, back then anyway.

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