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Music Video Review: Djembe Monks’ Rainmaker

Music Videos Reviews

Music Video Review: Djembe Monks’ Rainmaker

It’s what #BlackIsKing aspired to be and more. An African story told by Africans themselves.

The Djembe Monks’ video for Rainmaker by Obscura Films premiered today on YouTube and we were right there, front and centre waiting for it to be published. The chat section was filled with excitement with some of Bulawayo’s movers and shakers in the arts industry weighing in on how excited they were to see the video. The video went live and the wait was well worth it. The music video is a masterpiece. It’s what #BlackIsKing aspired to be and more. An African story told by Africans themselves.

The video tells the story of a rainmaking dance and the dancers were expressively ritualistic and graceful. The video opens with hushed inaudible tones which we assume are the discussions around the global water crisis. We see the desert, which alludes to the water crisis we are facing.

We aimed to capture the Djembe Monks organic, live performance energy while conveying a narrative inspired by an ancient Zimbabwean tradition and exploring its relevance in the modern world.’

– Kalai Barlow (Producer & Director)

Moghel is handed itshoba and she begins her quest. The itshoba tells us who the raindancer is who has to go forth and dance for the rain. Not just anyone can dance for the rain, you are chosen for the calling.

The dancers all convene in the middle of nowhere where the drummers (Djembe Monks) are. They start dancing and we expected to see the rain but none came but we did hear thunder so that’s a good sign, right?

Djembe Monks are a dance music collective from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe who produce and perform tribal house music, a blend of traditional and steel drums with electronics there-by brewing a fusion of Afro-techno house music.

Obscura Films is the creative collaboration of Zimbabwean Director & Producer Kalai Barlow & Cinematographer Richard Watson. Through a combined passion for music & visual storytelling, the duo conceptualized an
initiative to uplift and empower upcoming Zimbabwean artists.

Credits for Rainmaker
Produced & Directed by – Kalai Faye Barlow
Director of photography – Richard Watson
Assistant Director – Christy Morley
Assistant Camera – Michael Searle
Costume & Make-up – Carmen Life
Wardrobe assistant – Emma Marriot
Drone Operator & BTS photography – Neill Kropman
Lead dancer – Sasha Nkonyana
Dancer – Thato Mbongwe
Dancer – Leo Chirindza
Choreographer – Yasmine Calasse

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