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Music Video Review: Nkwali’s Uyimbokodo

Music Videos Reviews

Music Video Review: Nkwali’s Uyimbokodo

Nkwali has stayed true to her African roots even though she has travelled all over the globe performing on international stages. Uyimbokodo is a women empowerment anthem which discusses a sensitive topic in an empowering way. 

First things first, can we talk about how stunning Sis looked in the Uyimbokodo video? Her make up, her African accessories and her wardrobe were all flames. She was mesmerizing to watch.

Secondly, Sis can sing! Her vocal abilities are impressive. The song itself is melodious and the instrumentals are percussion perfection! 

The song talks about women and children abuse. Nkwali walks through the neighborhood and witnesses cases of Gender Based Violence and frankly she does more in the video than most NGO’s who claim to be championing women’s safety and welfare. She actually intervenes!

This song came at an opportune time when tensions are rising in the country and women are in lockdown with pressed men who are frustrated with their situation. We would have liked to see a list of valuable contacts who can help women facing GBV issues perhaps in the description box. 

Andy Cutta, who is also from Bulawayo, did the visuals for the video and he brought his A game! The picture quality is insane and the story is brought out in a beautiful yet powerful way. The simplicity of the video is magnificent. No unnecessary special effects or flashy lifestyles just raw and uncut real people in their indigenous place. This made the video authentic and relatable.

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1 Comment

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