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Fire Starters and Fire Fighters

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Fire Starters and Fire Fighters

James 3:5 says, “Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasts great things. Behold how great a matter a little fire kindles…”

What item should one never be without in the car, the office, the home and even the CHURCH? What’s the one thing that can trust to help you put out the fires in life?

  • They are fires that starters unintentionally, it could be an innocent remark which is misunderstood gets twisted and blown out of proportion and before long a fire is raging
  • We have kids who innocently repeat what their parents say to the wrong person and there is your fire well because “kids don’t lie.
  • We have catalysts, those who take a small spark or flame and fuel it until it is a wild fire
  • We have arsonists. These are professional fire starters. They have a psychological need to burn things, the bigger the fire the better. They use diesel, petrol to make sure a fire is big and inextinguishable. They work under the cover of darkness. This is a psychological problem as they only feel complete when their fires are causing untold destructions. The damage they cause is irreparable.
  • We have the wind that can fan a small flame and carry it far and wide until it is a dangerous blaze

James 3:5 says, “Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasts great things. Behold how great a matter a little fire kindles…”

James 3:6 “And even the tongue is a fire...

Which type of fire starter are you?

Then of course we have other types of fire. It could be a fire of illness, accidents, divorce all types of abuse, rebellion in children, marital problems, divisions in families, frustrations at work, divisions within the church. Satan is the root cause of it all.

Fire Fighting Aids

Smoke detector – detects the smoke and sends a message to the control panel which activates the fire siren

Control panel – will show which zone the fire is in. It could be in the warehouse, the workshop or the admin offices. When the children are getting rebellious, getting into scraps with the law, showing delinquent behaviour, the control panel will show that the children are not the problem your marriage is. Once you work on putting out the fire in your marriage your children will come right.

Fire Siren – used to alert people that there is a fire somewhere within the building. The building is then evacuated and the fire fighters will go in and fight the fire. God will not allow a fire to start without giving you a warning. The Holy Spirit will cause you to detect a fire about to start somewhere and cause you or someone else to go into a season of prayer and fasting. The fire will not catch you unawares and somehow the impact and intensity, even the damage of the fire gets lessened.


We have cartridge type fire extinguishers which are being phased out. Once you discharge the cartridge type even once it cannot be used again and has to be refilled if it is to be used again. We also have pressure gauge type fire extinguishers which are highly recommended. You can use it over and over again until the contents are finished. These are prayers of persistence that we need to pray. You can tell by the pressure gauge whether the extinguisher is full or empty.

You need to keep your fire extinguisher fully charged so that when a fire breaks out you know you have the necessary equipment to deal with that fire. How do we keep our fire extinguishers up to date? Through servicing and refilling. We read the Bible, we pray, we go to Church, we fellowship with others and share our testimonies. Once a fire extinguisher is empty take it for recharging. How? We do this through fasting and all night prayer vigils.

AFFF Foam (aqueous fine film foam) extinguisher, commonly found in garages, ideal for extinguishing flammable liquids such as petrol , diesel etc. AFFF works by smothering the fire and sealing in the flammable vapours. This prevents the fire re-igniting. It also allows foam fire extinguishers to put out flammable liquid fires, by creating a barrier between the liquid’s surface and the flames

DCP (Dry chemical powder) used for electrical fires as well as for flammable liquids. They work by smothering the fire: when you put a layer of powder or foam on the fire, you cut the fuel off from the oxygen around it, and the fire goes out.

Water/gas fire extinguishers for ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper etc

Co2 gas fire extinguishers used to extinguish gas fires. Carbon dioxide cuts off the oxygen supply and brings down the temperature of the fire with its cold presence. Once the CO2 gas has extinguished the fire, it will dissipate into the atmosphere without leaving a trace. No residue typically means no damage.

These fire extinguishers represent the different types of prayers we need to pray for the different types of fires that we will be fighting.

Asbestos fire blanket – commonly found in restaurants, to extinguish fire on cookers, you stretch the blanket in front of you to shield and protect yourself from being burnt, and then you place it on top of the burning stove to extinguish the fire. A person who is burning can be wrapped in an asbestos fire blanket. These are prayers of Protection.

A fire door will keep the fire at bay for at least 2 hours until help arrives. These are prayers of Intercession

A fire guard – the ground is cleared of grass so that when a fire reaches that area it dies because it has no access to pass. These are prayers of Prevention.

An Automatic Sprinkler System –once a fire gets to certain temperature an automatic sprinkler will discharge sprays of water to extinguish the fire


Please note: For electrical fires, first switch off the electrical mains feeding the fire before you tackle it. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you whether this fire was caused by something in your power to rectify perhaps a careless word so that you can quickly make amends thereby starving the fire of any oxygen.

Remember a fire is controllable when it is just starting. Quickly use your fire extinguisher because if you let the fire grow then you are in serious trouble. Pray and do not wait for a prayer group to assemble use your fire extinguisher.


Some fires require you to pray as you walk in the street or go about your personal business and even as you go to bed. Then some fires require one to go into the closet and pray fervently so that the fire can be put out. Some require a season of fasting and prayer and wrestling with your God before the fire can be contained. Remember Jesus said, “This type of fire goes out through prayer and fasting.”

Then again other fires require all nights of intense groaning in prayer before anything can even begin to happen
Disasters require that a large number of fire fighting warriors with fire engines come together in intensive fasting, prayer and wailing before the Lord so that a fire can be extinguished.

Please note: It is important for a fire fighter to make sure that their fire extinguisher is fully charged. Why?
There is a danger in thinking that your fire extinguisher is fully charged until a fire breaks out only to find that you have an empty canister. Your property will burn to the ground. When you have given up the habit of prayer, you forget even how to pray. When a fire breaks out sometimes you find yourself so helpless, unable to pray and you stand by helplessly as your whole world falls apart. You fire extinguisher fully charged and serviced through daily prayer, fasting, study of the Bible, all night prayer vigils as well as fellowship. The Bible admonishes us to wait and watch unto prayer lest fires catch us unawares in possession of extinguishers that are empty.


This is a special suit of protective clothing made of fire resistant fabric worn by fire fighters to protect them from the heat of the blaze, smoke inhalation and getting burnt as they fight a fire. It is complete with helmet, sometimes a face mask as well as special foot wear.

Christians have their own suit of protective fire clothing called the armour of faith.

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the fires of the Devil. Put on therefore:

Shoes that make you ready to preach the gospel of peace. The gospel of peace will bear a Christian safely through many oppositions, obstructions and trials.

The helmet of salvation: To protect the head, mind, thoughts from being manipulated by the devil. It stands as a security guard to quickly identify the different thoughts and where they are coming from. The idea is that a well founded hope of salvation will preserve us in the day of spiritual conflict and will guard us from the blows which an enemy would strike. The helmet defends the head a vital part and so the hope of salvation will defend the soul and keep it from the blows of the enemy. A soldier would not fight so well without hope of victory. A Christian could not contend with his foes without the hope of final salvation.

The breastplate of salvation, to protect the vital organs, especially the heart, your integrity.

The belt of truth around your waist. The truth will set you free, Christ is the truth, stand by the truth.

Shield of faith with which to quench the fiery arrows of the enemy. The shield was used to ward off the blows and the arrows and the whole body defended. As long as the soldier had his shield he felt secure. As long as a Christian has faith he feels secure, the fiery arrows were immersed in some flammable liquid and slowly shot against the foe. The object was to make the arrow fasten the body and increase the danger by the burning or more frequently, those darts were thrown against ships, forts, tents etc… With an intention to set them on fire.

Sword of the Spirit, this is the Word of God, learn to quote scripture, claim His promises and overcome. A single text of Scripture is better to meet a temptation than all the philosophy which the world contains.

Did you know that the French revolution sparked fires of revolution in all the European countries except in Britain and why not?. There was a different type of fire sweeping over Britain. The preaching of the Wesley brothers had started fires of revival that were raging throughout Britain and so there was a fireguard against the fires of the revolution.



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