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Thembi Terry’s new Christian podcast!

Zimbabwean Christian podcaster Thembi Terry

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Thembi Terry’s new Christian podcast!

I would pick the podcast over the podium any day. Podcasts have longevity. It’s exciting that my future generations will be able to access these conversations.

Zimbabwean Christian podcaster Thembi Terry

Thembelihle T. Whande

Thembi Terry has a new Godcast. A Godcast is a Christian podcast and it’s called uThembi oThembayo Godcast. It’s available on any platform where audio podcasts are found, from Spotify to Apple Podcasts. Her episodes are so relevant to the times and are relatable to the Zimbabwean youth. If you’re looking for a good Christian podcast, this is it.

Faith and Background

Tell us about your journey as a Christian and how it led you to podcasting.

My mother in law is the reason why I started the podcast. She invited Simu and I to her Kokorodzano WhatsApp group from her church. Every Wednesday we take turns sharing devotions. The first time I did mine, I was so shy. The people in the group took to it and it was really encouraging. From there, I thought about doing it all the time. That’s where the Christian podcast came to be. I denied it at first because I have esteem issues around my voice but I finally said yes to the calling.

What are your core values and beliefs that you hope to convey through your Christian podcast?

Just that prayer works I suppose. At some point the word starts to come alive in your life and it just stops being some foreign concept from a book.

How do you navigate the sometimes-complex landscape of Christian faith in Zimbabwe?

I stay rooted and grounded in love. 😂 Honestly, reading the word helps a lot. It prepares you for things like this. Forewarned is fore-armed. I try to show patience and tolerance not to everyone just the ones that Jesus died for on the cross.

What are some of the unique challenges and opportunities for Christian podcasting in the Zimbabwean context?

It’s hard to find your audience. We’re so fragmented by our diverse religious beliefs and it’s hard to find people who have the same exact beliefs as you. Podcasting hasn’t taken off yet in Zimbabwe as much as in the first world countries so it’s hard to gain an audience but just start. Everything will fall into place later. On the other hand, it’s not a crowded niche. There’s room for you to grow uncontested. I would pick the podcast over the podium any day. Podcasts have longevity. It’s exciting that my future generations will be able to access these conversations. It’ll be like advice straight from me, in my own voice, long after I’m gone.

Podcast Production and Content

Describe your typical podcasting process, from choosing topics to editing and publishing.

The Holy Spirit is my co-host and producer. Sounds hilarious but it’s true. I can’t take the credit for the topics and ideas I get surrounding the podcast. I’m just a vessel. I try to consume Christian content as much as I can and some of it inspires my content. It usually starts with one verse and then it blows up into a full episode. My husband does the proofreading of the script, recording, editing and he is the verse reader that you hear on the podcast. Every time he says, “I didn’t know that verse,” it excites me. It makes me happy knowing that I’m teaching him something new. Once an episode is done, I upload it onto Spotify for Podcasters and share it across my social media platforms. Spotify for Podcasters is so cool because it then makes it available to most podcast platforms.

How do you balance staying true to your Christian message with engaging a wider audience?

I struggled with this initially. My misstep was unfriending people who I knew would have opposing views. I didn’t have the energy to back and forth with them about my beliefs. I also removed social media platforms from my phone because there are so many weird beliefs out there and they can be so confusing. I use a scheduling platform called Buffer to publicise new episodes and when I’m ready, I will probably engage more with comments and opinions about my podcast.

What are some of the most popular or impactful episodes you’ve produced? What made them special?

All the episodes are special to me because they are all personal for me. The most popular episode has been, “Finances: Black Tax, First Fruits and Tithes.” Money is a huge conversation and it’s a universal issue. Everyone wants to improve their finances. That’s why the prosperity gospel is so popular. This episode taught me financial principles I wish I had learnt sooner.

How do you interact with your listeners and build a community around your podcast?

I created a WhatsApp channel to distribute all the content that I create, which includes the podcast episodes. Spotify for Podcasters allows me to create polls and for my listeners to leave their thoughts in the comment section. I hardly get comments on social media which is a blessing because I wouldn’t know what to do with the trolls.

Do you collaborate with other Christian podcasters or ministries in Zimbabwe or beyond?

I haven’t collaborated with other Christian podcasters yet but I have reached out to the admin of the #TeamJC4Eva Facebook group to revive that group for young Zimbabwean Christians to come together and share the gospel. I have also joined a WhatsApp group called ‘The Deborahs.’ It’s a group of young women in Zimbabwe that are seeking the face of the Lord. I bumped into them on a TikTok video. Not only do they pray, they also do charity work.

Zimbabwean Focus

How do you highlight and address the specific needs and challenges faced by Christians in Zimbabwe?

You know what’s funny? Most of my content has been about weird social trends that aren’t Biblical.  Unsound doctrine is so sly and so popular. If you don’t look closely, you’ll be deceived. So I hope Christians are learning a lot from my podcast. Finding religious content from other young people is tough so I’m glad I get to use ‘young’ platforms for my ministry. It’s refreshing being able to talk about issues affecting young people today and still relating them to the Bible. It’s fun making the Bible relatable and relevant to today’s youth. Podcasts are convenient and you can tune in whenever so that’s another added bonus. I also try to keep my episodes short to make them more palatable.

Do you incorporate Zimbabwean culture and traditions into your podcast? If so, how?

I have reservations about some of our traditions and maybe one day I’ll record an episode on my views. In terms of my culture, I knew I wanted a vernacular podcast name in isiNdebele. I was initially worried about my SEO and discoverability internationally but I’m sure whoever needs to hear my podcast will find it.

I think Ubuntu/hunhu is also a big thing for me when I’m creating my podcast content. As someone who went through church hurt, I don’t want anyone who listens to my podcast to feel judged, shamed or outcast. I get to do this Christian podcast for the body of Christ and without them, there would be no need for what I do.

What are your hopes for the future of Christian podcasting in Zimbabwe?

I just hope that podcasting grows as a whole. We need more wholesome podcasts that aren’t rooted in low hanging fruits. There are so many unexplored topics and the industry needs to be developed. There’s something about hearing from people who look like you and live where you live. We need more relatable content and representation truly does matter.

Personal Insights

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned through podcasting about your faith and yourself?

I’ve learned that it’s not easy! I understand why Elijah could do so much and still want to be unalived. It gets a little heavy sometimes. Some of the things I have to say aren’t easy and I sometimes wish I didn’t have to. When you’re walking in your purpose you face such strong opposition. Religion and spirituality are tricky topics to touch on. Everyone is passionate and they are dead sure that they are right. So, yeah it’s hard.

What advice would you give to aspiring Christian podcasters, especially those in Zimbabwe?

Please pick up that microphone. The harvest is plenty! We need more people taking their place and being in their ministry. There’s still room for more people to share the gospel. Someone out there is waiting to hear from you. The Holy Spirit is ready and willing to assist you if you ask.

Who are some of your favourite Christian podcasters or ministries, and why?

I’m predominantly on TikTok and I enjoy Christian livestreams. My top faves are definitely Raising an altar of prayer, women of the altar of prayer, Rorisang Thandekiso, Rutendo Melody Kanguru, Sister Dalila, The Odelins and Lizzie Sang. They’ve taught me a lot about obedience, walking in your purpose and living a Bible-based life. I’m grateful for their obedience. The list wouldn’t be complete without Pastor Richard Langworthy from my previous church and Bishop Tudor Bismark from my current church.

Besides podcasting, how are you involved in your local church or community?

I just recently joined a new church and I’m still finding my feet there. Previously, I was attending Selbourne Park Christian Church in Bulawayo and I hadn’t found a church home in Harare. My sister in law invited us to New Life Covenant Church and I’m yet to find my place there. I’m a moderator on some TikTok ministries and it brings me joy and fulfilment.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of podcasting?

I love creating content. It’s my favourite thing to do. Whether it’s for my YouTube channel or my personal blog, I love being in a state of creativity. I have also taken up gardening. I love being a plant mom and actually growing things. I’m excited to move to a bigger space and have a whole garden. Cleaning also makes me happy. I put on my gospel playlist and just go for it, next thing I know, hours have passed.

Share a story of how your podcast has impacted someone’s life in Zimbabwe.

Tjo! I wanna say Chipo Kay because her support and encouragement has been inspiring. When I’m feeling sluggish to record new episodes, I know I’ll bump into her comments talking about how she needs new content. I love her because she keeps me honest.

But I’m gonna with me. Doing this Christian podcast has impacted my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe. I had to learn the word. I had to dig deeper than ever before. I had to learn obedience and submission (that’s been the hardest part). The word has come alive in my life and I am seeing the goodness of God in the land of the living. There’s always something new to learn and uncover. This Christian podcast has been my way of documenting my learnings in the simplest way possible and I pray that people find it useful.


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