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How to survive a 21 day fast


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How to survive a 21 day fast

A hungry man is an angry man but when we are fasting we have to subdue the flesh and be good to people.


Blessed are those who only had 10 days of fasting. Our church is doing a corporate fast for 21 days and we’re just halfway through. At some point the body got used to the hunger pangs but it’s not getting any easier.

Here are some ways to survive your fast.

Be prepared

If you have any underlying health issues, you need to clear it with your doctor before you fast for a lengthy period of time. You also need to prepare the body for the fast by weaning yourself off of certain foods. This is hard considering the fast begins straight after the festive season festivities. Who will devour all those delicious leftovers?

During the fast, I pay attention to how I’m feeling to avoid discomfort and complications. I’ve come to learn that I get headaches from low blood sugar and it doesn’t mean I am dying. Well, I haven’t died yet. I personally prefer a dry fast because taking in liquids makes my tummy turn. To each his own. I also avoid strenuous activity like exercise or deep cleaning the house. I’m just managing my resources.

Get rid of good food

When there is delicious food in the house, the temptation starts to run a little high. Even when I’m not fasting, I can’t sleep knowing there is a little treat waiting for me in the kitchen. What more when I am fasting? I live like one of God’s strongest soldiers but the truth is, the flesh is weak. I do everything I can to set myself up for success. I usually start preparing meals thirty minutes before we break the fast. Cooking anytime before that, is a risk I’m not willing to take. You’ll taste for salt and accidentally break your fast before time. You cannot trick me.

Stay in the word

One thing I have noticed is that, it’s either you are in the word, or you are in the world. There is no middle ground. If I let my mind wander, my stomach starts to grumble. If I start to really focus and zoom in on God, the hunger pangs seem to disappear on their own. I try to keep my spirits up with praise and worship throughout the entire time. I can’t eat bread but I can feast on the daily bread. The war between the spirit and the flesh rages on but we persevere.

Keep your eye on the prize

When you are fasting, you will be tried and tested. Creepy things will happen in Nowhere and it’s up to Courage to save his new home. Remember what fasting is about and why we do it. For me, this fast was about discipline. One of the things I want to change about myself is that, I really wanna see things through to completion. Over the years, I have been starting things and leaving them unfinished so this fast is me, showing me that we can do this. When you’re struggling to turn down that plate, remember your why.

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You’re not on a hunger strike. You need to pray. Set a timer of how often you want to sneak away to a secret place and say a quick prayer. Stay in constant communication with God during your fast. It is only Christ who can strengthen you during this time. I haven’t found the words to pray yet because I’m not really sure what to pray for. At the crossover church service I asked God that I didn’t wanna carry 2023 prayer points into 2024. What has helped has been staying in the spirit of thanksgiving, just being excited and expectant of what God is going to do.


So many things will come up as you go through your fast. There will be revelations and rhema as you go through your Bible study. Journal everything including your dreams. You never know what will be important later. Journaling is one way of justifying what you are suffering for in the fast. You can see in ink, the things you are fighting against. I came face to face with some of the ugliest things in my heart that needed dealing with and from reading my journal, I’m seeing the progression of the issue. That verse about how some will hear the word and the birds will come and take it away is the premise of why we should be actively journaling during our fast. Once the fast has passed, who’s to say you’ll remember everything you learned?

When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path. Matthew 13:19

Go offline

The sure fire way to be back in the flesh is to get caught up in social media nonsense. Now your fast is a hunger strike. Truth is, most people use social media and doom scrolling as a way to pass the time. Being distracted is not the goal of the fast. We fast to seek the face of the Lord. And social media is the one place where he is not. You can’t control what people post and the stuff currently out there is vile to say the least. Respect the sanctity of your fast and stay off the social media until you are done.

Keep the faith

A hungry man is an angry man but when we are fasting we have to subdue the flesh and be good to people. We aren’t even supposed to show that we are fasting. It should be business as usual. You’ll never be tempted more than you can bear. Keep the faith and finish strong. Trust that the lines are falling onto you in pleasant places and that things are changing in your favour.

A fast is not an easy undertaking but it’s well worth it. Do your research about fasting, how to do it and why we do it. All this will make for an easier fast. And as Esther once said, “if we perish, we perish.” You know what you are personally grappling with and you know that it can only come out through prayer and fasting.

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