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Beauty Industry Secrets You Need To Know

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Beauty Industry Secrets You Need To Know

Quite often brands will tell you sweet nothings or fail to disclose all necessary information in regards to the contents/ingredients within the products they are selling, just to get their goods off the shelves and money in their pockets.

Have you ever seen ads for skin and beauty related products and thought, “This sounds way too good to be true!” or “Surely there is at least one negative side effect to using this, will it really benefit me in all the ways I’m told it will?” Truth is there is no such thing as the perfect product, and it is highly advised that we don’t believe everything the producers of said produces tell us, because at the end of the day it’s just business. Quite often brands will tell you sweet nothings or fail to disclose all necessary information in regards to the contents/ingredients within the products they are selling, just to get their goods off the shelves and money in their pockets.

While it is somewhat understandable that when promoting anything in the modern society, nothing unpleasant will be mentioned about it by whoever is trying persuade you to purchase his/her goods. However, it is still advantageous to know what you’re subjecting your skin to.

The beauty industry is fast pace and ever evolving, thus making it easy to get caught up in whatever pricey face mask or treatment your favorite influencer is applying and or raving about that week. For many of us, (myself included) this lifestyle is not sustainable and even if it was, it wouldn’t be healthy. Your skin needs a solid basic routine, and using a different product every week is as good as useless. This doesn’t mean you are not free to switch it up now and then, but do so with caution and remember treatments as well as masks usually take on average 2 weeks of consistent use till you see signs of improvement reflect on your skin. There is definitely information being withheld in the beauty community. Whether you’re a beauty guru or beginner in this field of expertise, it is very probable you did not know what you are about to read. Allow me to fill you in on a few beauty industry secrets you need to know

  • Organic products are not always the safest. Most “organic” products may still have trace amounts of harmful ingredients, they are also more likely to expire at a faster rate compared to products that are made with safer chemicals which preserve the contents for a longer duration by professionals in a lab.
  • The only significant difference between drug store and high end cosmetics is the packaging. High end makeup is usually presented in more aesthetically pleasing packaging, thus making it look more exclusive. More often than not, we are all using the same product just in diverse packaging with a different brand name, the contents and composition is the same if not similar.
  • Anti-aging creams and gels do not contribute to slowing down or reversing aging. Sunscreen, on the other hand is definitely what you should be using if you are battling wrinkles. Protecting your skin from the sun will minimize skin damage and make you less vulnerable to premature aging.
  • There is a strong chance your lipstick possesses lead. Testing performed by the FDA in 2012 indicated that up to 400 shades of the most popular lipsticks contained vestiges of lead. If lead is absorbed by your body, it can result in various health issues in the long run such as hormonal irregularities, infertility as well as heart disease.
  •  Foundation can enhance the appearance of wrinkles consequently making you look older. Try to avoid applying foundation every day, rather use concealer strictly on the areas you want to cover up.
  • The word fragrance indicates that said product contains an overload of chemicals. Whenever cosmetic companies label something as a fragranced product, it is frequently an easy way out of not specifying the names of each chemical within the product.
  • Eye cream is overrated. Many of us trust that using eye cream will vanish wrinkles, lift skin and de-puff the eyes, this is a myth. Eye cream is simply a heavy moisturizer that is stored and sold in smaller containers at a larger price.
  • Whenever you notice a particular range of products being sold with a seemingly good discount, check the expiry date! There is normally a reason when manufacturers want their product gone with haste. It could be to make room for new stock or sell as much of the product as they can before it is no longer valuable and is discarded which will be a loss on their end. Stay woke, spend smart!

If it's skin care related I'm there! As a self love advocate I believe taking care of your skin is imperative. Together we can explore the various tips and tricks to looking and feeling flawless.

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