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I am Makhadzi, I have dark inner thighs but I’m not sorry

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I am Makhadzi, I have dark inner thighs but I’m not sorry

Newsflash, the inner thighs aren’t the only body parts which are darker than the rest of the body.

Makhadzi apologised for having dark inner thighs after being cyber bullied when her image went online. Men and women ridiculed her and I would not be surprised if it was men who struggle to wash in between their butt cheeks and women who also have dark inner thighs who were the most vocal. The only reason why men don’t typically have dark inner thighs is because they have pants which create a buffer to keep the thighs from rubbing against each other. Men, if you have ever had your pants tear in the inner thigh area, you’re at risk of getting dark inner thighs if you were a skirt-wearing person.

This whole dark inner thighs furore stems from a much deeper issue of wanting to police women’s bodies. If she had worn something more conservative, we wouldn’t have seen it. On whose thighs are those dark patches? If they aren’t on yours shut up. Newsflash, the inner thighs aren’t the only body parts which are darker than the rest of the body. Knees, knuckles, elbows, bums and your ex’s sense of humour. Darker bums are also policed on women, have you ever heard them say, “if your skirt/shorts start to show the colour transition from your lighter thigh to your darker thigh/bum it’s too short?” Yup it’s the SI measurement of a garment’s appropriate length.

People who believe that dark inner thighs are due to lack of personal hygiene are thin in the thighs but thick in the head. When a black person is well-endowed with thick thighs, those thighs rub against each other and that friction causes chaffing and chaffing causes the skin to become damaged and it eventually turns darker in the process. The affected area has a ‘scab’ like appearance and it’s painful. So nobody, even the people who have the dark inner thighs, want them. Why do we make fun of black people for dark inner thighs but not tomato-coloured sun-burnt white people? Both are victims of circumstance. In fact, if you have bunions on your toes, you owe Makhadzi an apology.

Beyoncé posted an image online. She was on a yacht. Social media FBI dragged her for allegedly altering the image to give herself a more pronounced ‘thigh gap.’ We would all like to have a thigh gap, it’s visually appealing and functional. Our thighs would no longer rub against each other and cause dark inner thighs.

We, Kendrick Lamar it and ask to see women in their true form in the media and when it happens we bash them as if hayi kanjalo (not like that.) You can’t win as a woman, if Khloe Kardashian edits her images, she’s dragged and if Makhadzi doesn’t edit her photos, she is cyber-bullied. Live your life women and girls, there’s really no correct way to do it.

Ways to minimise the discomfort of thigh chaffing

1. Wear a tight to keep thighs from rubbing against each other
2. Use Vaseline to reduce the amount of friction
3. Wear pants
4. Avoid walking long distances in hot weather

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