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Glow Home & Beauty: The Affordable Beauty Store for Bulawayo Huns

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Glow Home & Beauty: The Affordable Beauty Store for Bulawayo Huns

One thing about Glow Home & Beauty, they value their customers.

Calling all local baddies! As we officially enter the festive season and spend our weekends at the handful of gatherings/events December has to offer us, I’m sure you’ll agree the goal is to have fun and look great while doing it! Glow Home & Beauty is my gift to you this festive season, you can thank me later.

Balling on a budget is great and all but I do recommend investing in quality products, especially if they’re being directly applied to your skin. Makeup dupes and knock-off brand products are not hard to find at all, with them being on display at almost every drug store/pharmacy near you, going for prices as low as $1 for a concealer which does sound tempting. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for.

Finding genuine makeup at reasonable prices is not as easy, therefore I am going to put you on in regards to where I purchase my ‘must have’ makeup products.

Located at Ascot shopping centre (Bulawayo), is the lovely ‘Glow Home & Beauty‘ store. They offer a wide range of variety in terms of products and well known brands such as Maybelline and LA girl. Here’s a quick rundown of their USD prices for the basics as per my most recent visit, about a week ago:

Concealers $7-$10 (depending on the brand)
Foundation $15-$20 (depending on the brand)
Lip liner $2
Lip stick $11
Lip kit (lipstick + lip liner) $12

One thing about Glow Home & Beauty, they value their customers by providing the best possible service, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for, matching YOUR EXACT SKIN TONE!

Like I mentioned before, I buy my makeup staples from this particular shop and nowhere else. My personal favourites are the ‘Rimmel London, Perfection Match’ foundation which has an SPF of 18 and the ‘Maybelline New York, Dream Urban Cover’ foundation with an SPF of 50. Both are great for beginners as well as professionals and are versatile in terms of whether you’re aiming to achieve a lightweight finish on a hot day, or full coverage beat on a night out. Nonetheless, there are many other options available and you are highly likely to find what works best for you.

Although we’re talking makeup here, Glow Home & Beauty does upkeep stock of many other items such as jewellery, house decor, skincare and shoes. Be sure to check them out, get back to us and share your own review in the comment section of this article.

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