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Skin Care Myths You’ve Probably Heard

Skincare Myths You've Probably Heard

Skin & Make Up

Skin Care Myths You’ve Probably Heard

Skincare Myths You've Probably HeardIn times like these, the internet has proven itself to be a great tool to learn or teach others something new on a regular basis. However, that does not mean what you read and see online will always be true. This can relate especially with topics such as health & fitness, skin & beauty, and hair.

Most of you are familiar with the term ‘myth’ and how it is used when referring to a piece of information which has been handed down over time and is more often than not, false. Get your boots and your coat, because in this article we are going myth busting to investigate how valid a few of the most common skincare myths really are.

Let us jump straight into our first myth being, “people with an oily skin type do not need to moisturize their skin because it will become oilier.” Moisturizing your skin is an essential step of the skin care routine, regardless of your skin type. It is less about whether you moisturize or not and more to do with which moisturizer you use. Skincare products often vary in terms of which skin type the product has been designed for, so to avoid the oily shine from moisturizing simply look into buying an oil free moisturizer.

Second on our list of myths is that “natural/organic skin care products are better for our skin.” Again, this is false. If you analyze the ingredients in some of the ‘organic’ products in the skincare market, you will notice that not all of them will be chemical free. Granted, they may contain less chemicals than your standard products, it still does not live up to it’s claim of being chemical free. That statement in itself is often plastered on to the packaging of most cleansers, masks, treatments and so on because of it’s appeal to customers. In addition to why this myth is false, the high concentrates of plants or herbs found in these kind of products can bring about allergic reactions which obviously, is no good for our skin.

Third myth being busted is that “expensive products and long routines aren’t always more effective in terms of bettering your skin’s health.” Our first true myth! Most people trust that the price of a product is an indication of how potent it will be. Actually, in the beauty industry, the two have no relation and it is very much likely that you will find one or two drug store skincare items which work more successfully than the latest $100 serum. Focus more on what works best for your skin that is within budget and invest in products you can purchase consistently without breaking the bank.

Moving on, we have “your skincare products or routine won’t and should not stop working.” If you are an OG reader of this magazine’s skincare category, then you should definitely know the answer to this one already, being that the statement above is completely inaccurate. Over time our skin changes, due to various influences such as hormones, our environment, and so on. These factors will forever be inevitable. The most we can do is stay in tune with our skin and adapt in take care of it efficiently.

Last of the most common myths is, “double cleansing is one of the most optimum methods to cleaning the skin.” The oils and unwanted dirt that gathers on our skin’s surface is more often than not, extremely stubborn and one cleanse just isn’t enough to purify your face meaning this particular myth is true. Double cleansing is the way forward and is a step I recommend you include in your skincare routine today!

If it's skin care related I'm there! As a self love advocate I believe taking care of your skin is imperative. Together we can explore the various tips and tricks to looking and feeling flawless.

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