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How to maintain relaxed hair


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How to maintain relaxed hair

There’s still a healthy amount of the population that still opts to use chemicals to straighten their hair.


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I know we’ve had a lot of people embracing their natural hair and that’s great but we can’t ignore the fact that there’s still a healthy amount of the population that still opts to use chemicals to straighten their hair. No judgement honey, this article was tailor made for you. Let’s delve into it shall we? How can you take the best care of your relaxed hair?

Invest in protein treatments:

During the hair straightening process (relaxing) the hair tends to be stripped of it’s oils and natural nutrients so you need to replenish the hair with a light and nutritious product for example a leave in conditioner and some argan oil. Be sure to balance them with moisturizing treatments to prevent protein overload I recommend Aunt Jackie’s Quench Leave in Conditioner , which can be found at any Booties outlet.

Wrap your hair at night:

After getting your hair relaxed it’s best to know how to maintain your straightened hair. Wrapping your hair right before bed in a satin doek or bonnet will protect the hair and prevents the hair from getting tangled and it helps retain the moisture in your hair. The bonnet also protects your face from breakouts and your linen from the oils in the hair food.

Go easy on heat styling:

I know it’s exciting to try different hair styles with tongs, blow dryers and flat irons however you need to take extreme precaution and apply heat protectant spray or cream. There’s Thermal Shield heat protectant by Cantu which works extremely well.

Protective Styling:

Opt for styles that limit daily manipulation and protect hair ends. Weaves, braids, buns, and twists are excellent choices. Not only do they look stylish but also help retain hair moisture, thereby aiding in growth.

Use shampoos that don’t have sulphates:
Sulphates strip the hair of moisture so it’s best to avoid shampoos that are full of sulphates.

Keep a balanced diet:
Ever year of you are what you eat? Well so is your hair, it’s best to keep a balanced diet and incorporate a lot of omega – 3 in to your diet as it improves scalp health, diminished inflammation, increased blood flow, hydration, strength, and elasticity, and decreases hair loss.

Stay hydrated:
Last but not least, drinking plenty of water aids in overall health and, by extension, hair health. Well-hydrated cells lead to a healthier scalp and hair.

Hope this has been helpful and all the best on your hair care journey. Until next time!

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