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A Guide to Glass Doll Makeup

glass doll makeup

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A Guide to Glass Doll Makeup

It’s not your average everyday look, please don’t serve it to us on a daily.

glass doll makeup


If you’re a TikTok addict like me you already know what glass doll make up is. The world of make up as you know it has changed. Imma need all the other looks, smokey eyes, glossy lips, etc to take a back seat. Annabelle too because there’s a new doll in town – and she’s made of glass. Glass doll makeup is a porcelain inspired look that is designed to leave a smooth, pore less, and luminous appearance. It’s not your average everyday look, please don’t serve it to us on a daily. I guess the TikTok girlie’s started doing it after Pat McGrath debuted it on Maison Margiela’s Couture Spring 2024 runway show.


Maison Margiela Artisanal 2024 Collection by John Galliano The collection’s synthesis between the painterly process and the ritual of dressing ignites a study of the muse-like relationship formed between artists and their anatomical lay dolls. It is conveyed in doll-like accents, in the stripe- tease of shirting dresses, and in tweed skirt-suits. #MaisonMargiela #Margiela #JohnGalliano #Galliano #ParisCoutureWeek #HauteCouture #Couture #FashionTikTok

♬ son original – Maison Margiela

I’m so eager to see the Zim girlie’s version of this on TikTok I won’t lie.

Here’s how to achieve the look

The Foundation for the glass doll makeup

Flawless skin is key. Achieve a porcelain-like base with a lightweight foundation that matches your natural skin tone. Use concealer strategically to hide any blemishes and dark circles, but avoid heavy coverage – you want a translucent, almost luminous complexion. Set everything with a translucent powder to prevent shine and to ensure that the “glass skin” effect lasts.


Tried the iconic @Pat McGrath Labs porcelain doll glass skin makeup for @Maison Margiela SS24 show

♬ original sound –

Eyes Like Polished Jewels:

Here’s where the magic happens. Opt for cool-toned eyeshadows in shades like silver, lilac, icy blue, or even white. Apply them softly, focusing on blending for a seamless, ethereal look. You can add a touch of shimmer or even some holographic glitter for an extra touch of whimsy.

Don’t shy away from dramatic lashes! False lashes with wispy, individual fibres will enhance the doll-like effect. For eyeliner, go for a thin, precise line with a black or dark brown pencil or gel liner. You can even extend it slightly outwards for a subtle cat-eye flick.


recreated @Pat McGrath Labs /@Maison Margiela porcelain doll glass skin makeup. #patmcgrathlabs #maisonmargiela #editorialmakeup #blackgirlmakeup #experimentalmakeup #glassskin

♬ If I Could Melt Your Heart (TikTok Remix) – DJ Gotta

Blush & Bronzer: Less is More

Skip the blush unless you have a very fair complexion. If you do use it, opt for a soft, cool-toned pink applied high on the cheekbones. Bronzer is generally a no-go in this look, as we want to maintain the pale, dollish aesthetic.

Lips Fit for a Glass Princess:

For the lips, you have two main options: bold or barely there. A matte liquid lipstick in a deep berry or red shade creates a dramatic, almost gothic doll vibe. On the other hand, a sheer gloss or soft pink lipstick keeps the look more innocent and ethereal. Experiment and see what speaks to you!


the glam steps at Maison Margiela Couture show .. wait for final result!! Insane make up by @Pat McGrath Labs hair by Duffy

♬ art deco lana del rey – L•A•N•A

The Finishing Touches:

Highlight is your friend! Apply it strategically on the high points of your face – cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow – to enhance the sculpted, doll-like features. Don’t forget a light dusting of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes for an extra dewy, dollish touch.

Set the entire look with a setting spray to ensure everything stays in place and your “glass” finish remains flawless. Apply your peel off mask and allow it to dry. Add an extra coat if need be. If your peel off mask is chunky, add a little bit of water for a smoother finish. Pat and her team seem to have airbrushed it on.

Beyond the Basics:

For an extra dose of drama, consider adding fake freckles or delicate rhinestones around the eyes or temples. You can even experiment with coloured contact lenses if you’re feeling adventurous. Just remember, the key is to maintain a sense of balance and avoid looking overdone.


Black girl tries @Pat McGrath Labs glass skin makeup #porcelaindoll #glassskinmakeup #patmcgrathlabs #trendingmakeup #foryou

♬ Mozart/Requiem “Lacrimosa”(1394506) – Mint


Glass doll makeup is all about embracing your inner ethereal being. Have fun, experiment, and don’t be afraid to break the mould. After all, the most captivating dolls are the ones who defy expectations.

This look is simply for vibes, content creation or a photo shoot. So if a coworker decides to rock it everyday I have absolutely nothing to do with that. Jokes aside. I’m ready to see the Zim version of this. I can already imagine how satisfying it is to peel it off.

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