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Bulawayo’s Fashion Scene : A Guide to Dressing Well in 2024

Shoes, Pants, Skirts and T-shirts

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Bulawayo’s Fashion Scene : A Guide to Dressing Well in 2024

And when you step outside, leave those crocs and bonnets back in “ekasi” where they belong.

From top to bottom, the fashion choices in Bulawayo are as unpredictable as the city’s weather – and trust me, nobody will hold back from expressing their opinion, whether it’s trash or treasure. But hey, let’s face it, rocking Crocs and a bonnet in this city is a fashion miss of epic proportions. So, let’s dive into the wild fashion scene of Bulawayo and discover how to keep it simple, stylish, and proudly local.

Bulawayo has a melting pot of creative individuals who possess a divine understanding of design and colour coordination – we’re on a whole different level when it comes to fashion, if you catch my drift.

We’ve nurtured our unique style over the years, blending influences from Jazz, Hip-Hop, Panstula, and Sbujwa. Remember the days of colour blocking when we all wanted those vibrant Ray-Bans and neon belts? We’ve always known that clothes are more than just covers for private parts; they’re a form of expression that speaks volumes without uttering a word.

Let’s face it, money may not flow freely in the city, but feeling good means looking good. I’ve noticed a stylish gang of vintage enthusiasts who embrace the glorious art of retro formality, even to the point of being a bit excessive. But their passion and unwavering sense of fashion solidify their dominance in the scene.

In Bulawayo, it’s practically summer all year round, so forget about labelling trends according to seasons – we wear what the heck we feel like wearing, and we rock it with confidence.

Now, the youth of Bulawayo are on a whole new level of fashion rebellion. Embracing thrift culture and denim-customized Outfits, they are ready to break all the fashion rules. Personally, I have a bone to pick with fast fashion and counterfeit clothes from small street and China City. They’re low-quality, over-the-top, and lacking any trace of authentic style. No creative individual worth their salt wants to be a copycat.

Shoes, Pants, Skirts and T-shirts

How to dress well in Bulawayo

Sometimes, it’s better to make a statement with subtlety, letting simplicity be the voice of your style. Take it up a notch and incorporate a local brand into your outfit. Trust me, there’s nothing more comfortable and prestigious than strutting around with your very own brand on your shoulder. Grab a pair of denim pants, cargoes, or a chic skirt, and pair them with Ndebele Crush, Juluka Co. or Stars 29 branded merch. Complete your look with Dr. Martens, Converse, or Vans – you know how we roll. And when you step outside, leave those crocs and bonnets back in “ekasi” where they belong.

Unleashing your style in Bulawayo is an adventure filled with creativity, self-expression, and a touch of unapologetic boldness. So go ahead, embrace the Bulawayo fashion scene, and let your confident, witty style shine. After all, in Bulawayo, dressing well is not just a fashion statement – it’s a way of life.

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