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Letter from the Editor: We’re back!

From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: We’re back!

A lot of our readers have been asking where we’ve been and why the magazine has been so quiet…

Happy New Year! 🥂 🍾

Another 365 days around the sun has passed and with everything that’s happened in the past year now is the time to reflect on what has happened and what we can do to change for the better. We’ve seen so much going on around the globe and in our backyard as a nation and it’s been a lot to take in. (Clap for yourself, you survived!)

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A lot of our readers have been asking where we’ve been and why the magazine has been so quiet, about a year ago I relocated to the capital city and between settling in to a new environment and starting a new job and house hunting it was a lot to take in that’s why articles were being published sporadically but now that I’m officially settled. We back up!!

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It was also a much needed sabbatical to reflect on how we can better ourselves as well as the articles we produce and we’re glad to announce there is so much we have in store for you. Expect collabs with various artists in different fields of expertise and so much more. Be on the lookout on our social media platforms we plan on doing things we’ve never done before and expanding our horizons.

So in this new year 2024 we’re focusing on growth!
🎯 We’re gonna do better
🎯 Be better
🎯 And be go getters!

Compliments of the new season and wishing you a prosperous new year, from me and mine to you and yours ❤️

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