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Bulawayo’s Dejavu Apparel Clothing Brand

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Bulawayo’s Dejavu Apparel Clothing Brand

Dejavu Apparel is a brand established in 2017, while Allen was still in university and the word ‘Dejavu’ itself meaning a feeling of familiarity.

    Dejavu ApparelDejavu Apparel

No doubt the brand Dejavu Apparel has been making waves, especially of late. The latest lounge wear line is nothing short of perfection, sophistication and best of all warm. Headed by the young and charismatic Sakhumuzi Allen Moyo, Dejavu Apparel offers you a range of clothes from t-shirts, to polo shirts, shorts, bucket hats to custom made masks. Allen is a Property and Development and Estate Management graduate, quite coincidental as his first name is “Sakhumuzi”, thereby implying he is a home builder.

Dejavu was established in 2017, while Allen was still in university and the word ‘Dejavu’ itself meaning a feeling of familiarity. “I wanted to familiarize my clients with quality clothing and thought provoking designs that inspire free thinking”, the designer denotes. ‘Free yourself‘ is the brand’s mantra, insisting that the clients have a freedom of thought and financial freedom as well.

Social media has been buzzing about the brand and everyone seems to want to own the popular lounge wear, especially now that we’re back to lockdown and of course the winter season. When we asked Allen how he felt about the response he got from people on Twitter, he told us how he was overwhelmed by the response on and off Twitter actually, commenting on how before they launched the line he told his partner he wanted to shock the world, “I want us to break the bounds of advertising, let’s engrave our mark and leave a footprint in the fashion arena”, he continued.

Allen is one of those people who are enthusiasts, in a few years he sees his clothing company as a national powerhouse, that when one wants to purchase street wear the first thing that comes into their minds be Dejavu Apparel. Dejavu Apparel clothing doesn’t discriminate, it’s for everyone. “Dejavu is for every dreamer out there, it’s for everyone”, Allen says, “I want everyone to have access to our clothing pieces and feel good whilst wearing them”, he said.

As for how to style these pieces, Allen leaves it to the customer to create whatever combination they want. He understands how we as people experience fashion differently so his pieces are made so as to be relatable across all spectrums.

Dejavu clothing brand offers turtle neck tops which can easily be paired up with anything in your closet from jeans to leggings, however if you want your Dejavu Apparel from head to toe, you may want to pair it with the Dejavu shorts. The Dejavu Apparel long sleeve t-shirts are also available and totally gorgeous and very warm.

Dejavu Apparel also has t-shirts, from simple tops with the logo to the hero t-shirts which feature African liberation war heroes Nelson Mandela and Joshua Nkomo, written “Kings live forever“. Again this t-shirt can go basically with anything, but it can look super fly with the Dejavu Apparel custom made bucket hats. Stay safe this winter as well with the Dejavu Apparel custom-made masks.

Don’t be left out, order yourself a Dejavu Apparel outfit and look super cute whilst warm and comfortable. Get in touch with them on Instagram and

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